Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 10

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Who is there?
Daniella: namesake please
Kola opened the door cus he was going out already to see his girl cus it is Saturday morning, she came in.
Daniella: morning dear
Was surprised with the word “DEAR” she has already change to her “slipping dress”
Me: morning, have your sit now
Daniella: the idiot guy said I vomited on your cloth yesterday night, I am sorry, bring it let me wash it for you
Me: don’t worry, I already wash it, but why did you drink like that, you are a lady now
Daniella: daniel, forget jare, it’s a long story
Me: ok o, have you now call your Dele
Daniella: (she smiled ) that’s the reason daniel, I meet him on another lady, and he didn’t call to beg me, and I’m in love with this guy
Me: oga o, as times goes on, you will forget him, drinking wouldn’t solve anything
Daniella: “she rose to leave” eheen, Daniel, were you the one that one that helped me the day before yesterday
Me: no o, what happen
Daniella: nothing, but its like someone acted funny on me,
Me: like sex?
Daniella: yes, who?
Me: I don’t know o, let me come and eat now, I’m hungry
Daniella: come when you are done, cus you can’t come with that your dick hard
Me: you are not serious
That’s how we became friends, we started chatting, gisting, within the week, we became close friend, she do call me at work, I’m falling for her, thank God I kuku no get any girl, I stop begging or calling Omolara, I forget about her.
Kola and I was inside, gisting, telling me about the day he took his fiancé to meet his parent, he said as soon as we through with our house, he can’t wait to settle down, when Daniella knock the door, she came in and kola excuse us
Me: baby mi
Daniella: who is your baby
Me: you ni now
Daiella: (she sat on the chair that opposite me, and I was seeing her thigh) stop joor
Me: my dick was dam hard, she saw it cus I was on short) come and sit here now
Daniella: so you can have access abi, with that your big dick
Me: let me show you now
Daniella: she rose to her feet) no, daniel stop
I off my short with my boxers together,
Daniella: she screem) Jesus Christ, Dan this thing big o
I moved closer to her, I grab her hand, her eyes were on it, I put my dick wothin her hand, she was looking at it, I embrace her, and I began to kiss her, chai, the girl na bad kisser, I deep my hand inside her pant, she don wet already, I pushed her to the chair, her ass was facing, I entered from her behind, doggy style, I carry her to the bed room.

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