Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 6

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I withdrew my hand, I sat on the keg, what’s this, for Christ sake, I couldn’t talk, I don’t even know when the girl left, that kola enter,
Kola: guy watin
Me: Ronke is pregnant,
The guy burst into laughter,
Me: guy am serious,
Kola: I know now, baba baby (still smiling)
Me: you dey mad
Kola: guy, no think jare, you go abort am ni joor
Me: will she?
Kola: don’t worry, will buy the drugs for you, you will put it in her drinks, and that’s all,
Kola went out and get me the drugs, I put it inside a drink, and I called her in.
ME: Ronke, please lets abort this thing
Ronke: ehee? Won’t it affect me, don’t want to die
Me; you can’t, you know you are still going to school, and the baby might stop you,
She agreed and I gave her the drinks, she drank it and left,
Mrs Rose called me on phone to come and greet her, I dressed up and went out, I entered her house, I met the house open, I was hearing water dropping from the bath room, she heard my foot step,
Mrs Rose: is that Daniel?
Me: yes ma
Mrs Rose: give me some min please,
I sat on the chair, watching the T.v, Mrs Rose and I, were becoming close, after some minutes, the woman came out from the bedroom, she was dam beautiful, her breast is not too much, but her behind was like a mountain, she called me to join her on dining table, I tried to keep my dick, cus that one done jack already, we were eating rice with a delicious soup and nice meat when her phone rang, she rushed to the bed room to pick her phone, as she was going her fat butt was shaking, I come dey imagine
**if I grab this woman**
**See her back mhenn**
**but let me be serious for once**
The woman came back, we started talking.
Mrs Rose: sorry jare dear
Me: yes ma
Mrs Rose: **look at me** when will you stop this your ma ma, talk, be speaking your mind, you a guy now
Me: ok
Mrs Rose: oya say something
Me: **looking up**what did you want to use 10 million naira loan for
Mrs Rose: they didn’t even give me sef, just want to use it to clear my goods, but my husband has sent it though
Me: and how are you coping, you are here and your husband is there, I mean, are you not, like ahmmmm* was stammering)
Mrs Rose: I understand you, (smiling) but sex no be food, this year will be the 3rd year that ive had sex, (I dey imagine say since 3 years aw it go be make I just enter this woman as her pussy go don dey tight) wo come help me massage my body,
I followed her into her bed room, the place was big, she sleep on bed, she ordered me to stay outside while she pull off her clothes, when she called me in, my dick was already erected, cus I can see little of her ass outside, even though she covers it, I started what she instructed me to do, she was moaning softly, I was lost with my imagination and I mistakenly remove the cloth from her ass, she raised her head and looked at me with a straight face
Mrs Rose: are you okay? How dare you
Me: (shivering) am sorry ma,
Mrs Rose: get out of this place before I open my eyes
I rushed to the gate, I passed through my shop when going home, I saw Ronke, she put her head on the table, when I got home, I composed a message for the woman…
“Evening ma, very sorry for what happen today, it was a mistake, forgive me ma, Good night ma”
I sent the text, was surprised she replied me, “ok”

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