Tales of cynthia season 2 episode 7

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I felt bad for what I did, I condemned myself for my actions, well she caused it, how would she said I should massage her body, I forgot the scene and slept off.
The next day at work, kikelomo and my colleagues at work were chatting during the break time
Kike: hope you are not missing your GF bai
Me: who? (Pretends as if I didn’t know)
Kike: Cynthia now, your one and only
Me: o serious, well, she’s my cousin, that’s it and nothing more
Kike: hmmmm, you?
Me: serious, I don’t av any girl jare
Kike: Daniel can lie o, ha, as old as you are
Me: I swear to God who made me
Cynthia came out of her office, she gave me one kind look, but I don’t care, when I’m not dating you, she went back inside, I heard a whatzapp msg on my phone, the message was from her (Cynthia)
Cynthia: that’s your new catch abi, you sha can never change
Me: I’m single and I can mingle, I’m not dating her, and besides, I think I need to settle down
Cynthia: so with that slot abi?
Me: did she fuck ur husband?
She stop replying me, I continue chatting with kike, that one sef don dey fall, Cynthia come out of her office again, she come straight to where we were talking, she faced kikelomo ”if you don’t have work to do, can’t you sleep, instead of disturbing the air with your noise, you left your desk to talk here” she said this and left, the girl went back to her sit, but I had collected the girl’s number before she sent her away, I message Cynthia on whatsapp, she didn’t reply me again, “this girl dey jealous, I be your guy?”.
See me in my house, I receieved a message from mrs Rose, I was surprised, I branched her place, I met some girls and guys drinking wine at the place, they instructed me to sit, Mrs Rose appear, she was on gown, the woman was beautiful, she was smiling as she was coming towards me,
Mrs Rose: hi Daniel
I rose to greet her,
Mrs Rose: Daniella (she point at the girl) this is Daniel, the guy I told you about, and Damiel, this is Daniella, my daughter, she just arrived from STATE (U.S), so she’s celebrating with her friends
Me: okay ma,
Daniella: hi (smilling)
Me: hello
We shook hands, she introduced her friends to me, she said I should wait but I was tired, I promised to see her the next day.
“Ronke please I didn’t kill you, you know I love you, please don’t kill me, please,….ok I will change…I will marry you.
Kola: Alaye wake up joor,
Me: (sweating) thank God it’s a dream
Kola: what did you see
Me: I saw Ronke corpse chasing me all around,
Kola: well, just be praying sha, cus the girl don dey hospital o, I no won disturb you ni o, that’s your shop key on the table
Me: what?
We heard a knock at the door,
Me: who is there
Voice: daddy Ronke ni o, Daniel I want to see you
I rushed to open the door

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To be continued….. 

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