The Fatal crush episode 2

The Fatal crush episode 2

February 27, 2017 The fatal crush
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Episode 2


to quench my curiosity ,I walk up to her , I summon the courage ( being a shy guy)…with a smile ‘ Hi’ I greeted with a cool voice ,

she gave me no reply

me : sister ,its you am greeting na (getting frustrated already)

she still remain mute,to crown her bad attitude she brought out her phone and started doing what I don’t even know .

as a sharp guy, I just left her to my seat feeling embarrassed. if I had known I would have ignored her and save myself from this disgrace though I was a bit relieved coz none of my colleagues were in class then..

After few minutes,the bell rang which indicated time for morning devotion(assembly). being the first day ,we do lots of prayers,praises and worship sessions which lasted for 2 hours . few teachers and the principal gave us their boring welcome speech

and advising us to be of good conduct(dia usual story for the gods) . But during the morning assembly ,something caught my attention. it was the new girl ,she was standing at the end of our class queue ,laughing and gisting with one of colleagues whose name was Emeka as if they av known each other for long.


Emeka was the most handsome dude in my class, not only my class but d whole secondary school and this made him famous ,to crown his looks he was the son of wealthy Chief Mr. chukwu.

..him being the only son, he was over pampered and this made him spoilt…having all of this attributes was an advantage as ladies flock around,so he was the flirt type…there has been rumours of him dating some of our female seniors but since no evidence attached, it has been left dat way…ever since he joined our school, we have maintained only casual friendship due to the reason of him not wanting to mingle with the low class( dats what he calls us den)


Seeing him and the new girl together got me so so jealous and angry…I felt inferior and concluded that she was in for the looks in making friends.


”but why this sudden feelings, why was I acting this possessive all of a sudden”… I asked myself with no answer given

‘ she is not my girlfriend ,so she and her friendship can go to hell ‘ I said out almost loud with pain and anger.

after the morning devotion, we all went back to our various classes to begin with the day activities..


after few minutes, our maths teacher mrs Ajumobi entered our class

(someone hit the desk,while we all stood up)

evrybody : Good morning ma!!

Mrs ajumobi : Good morning class ,you can sit down

( we all sat down)

hw was ur holiday

everybody : it was fine ma ( we all chorused)

she told us that she was only going to give us the term’s scheme of work being the first week of resumption. after writing the scheme of work ,she noticed the new student in class

Mrs ajumobi : hey you ( pointing to the new girl) I guess u are the new student

new girl  she stood up) yes ma

Mrs ajumobi : come here and Introduce yourself to class

new girl : ( she came out in front of the class) my name is Cyndy from IMO state

Mrs ajumobi : good,you are welcome to this our great citadel of learning Grace college..

Cyndy : thank you ma

Mrs ajumobi : my advice to you is to be serious with ur studies and most importantly don’t let any boy decieve you o…flee from dem o( pointing to the class )

** most of the boys started murmuring**

Mrs ajumobi : shut up !!( the class became silent) Cyndy ,you can go and sit down…so who can tell me which topic we did last term?

few of my class mates raised dia hands up expecting to be called…she noticed I wasn’t paying attention

“kunle” she shouted while pointing towards her direction for like 3 times

** I loss interest in d class discussion since she was called for the introduction part ,I was deeply in thought of how to make her pay back for the humiliation …a tap from by sit mate isaac was what brought me back from my world of thought… when I woke up to reality I noticed all eyes were on me including angry face of Mrs ajumobi ,,then I knew I was in trouble …

‘ ha omo yi ti koba mi ‘(ha dis gal don implicate me) I said almost aloud

” Kunle ” she shouted

I stood up immediately looking like a zombie

” what did I say last “she asked

‘ l-a-s-t ‘ I stammered

the class burst into laughter including the cyndy

**I gave her a cold stare ,wetin do dis one as she dey open teeth **

” shut up !!!!! “she barked

the class became silence at once

” go there and pick pin” she ordered ( pick pin was a kind of hard punishment)

then I knew I was in for marathon race ….’ chai, dem don get me o’ I thought ‘

I did the punishment throughout the first period , when she was about leaving the class , she look at me with pity and told me to follow her to the staff room. this her statement got me scared coz I thought I was going to b flogged but fortunately for me when we got there she sat down and face me

Mrs Ajumobi : Kunle ,what were u thinking in class?

kunle : (felt relieved) I was thinking about my text book I forgot at home

I quickly cook up a story sharpaly( wu wan chop cane)

Mrs ajumobi : are u sure ( giving me a doubting face)

me : yes ma

Mrs ajumobi : you know you are one of my favorite student,so if something bothers you ..feel free to share it With me

me : thank u ma

Mrs ajumobi: u can go back to ur class

‘okay’ I replied and went back to my class


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