The hacker boy. Episode 1

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The police man And The Hacker Boy(part 1)

I couldn’t believe I woke on Monday morning by 7:50 a.m, when I was supposed to be at work 8:00 a.m as a police officer. I quickly stood up and started preparing for work. I live in a face-to-face apartment, so when I went out from my room to take my bath, I saw 6 people(my Neighbours) on a crew who are also waiting to take their bath. I was like, “chaiii, when will I go to work today? I hope my boss won’t send me back home.” After all the waiting, it was finally my turn, I quickly went in to take my bath. In just five minutes, I was done. I hurriedly went back to my room and started preparing myself for work. I went out from my room and was on my way to work, I was actually looking for a bike when I saw a beautiful lady and a mechanic arguing about her car, I didn’t know what they were arguing about though. Damn it; “she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life” I said to myself. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her beautiful face. As a policeman, I walked straight to them and asked them what the problem was. The lady was like “oga policeman! So you have left express road to mechanic shop abi?” I replied her; saying, a police man has the right to settle a fight or argument, and even arrest d persons involved in the act. So if you both are not careful, I will take you to the station. She laughed and said ‘’funny policeman.” I was already blushing by her statement, then I remembered that I was very late for work. I had to end the conversation by just hissing and telling the mechanic that, ‘’if not that I am late for work, I would have dealt with you for arguing with a pretty lady.” She was like ‘’ hmmmm! Police men of nowadays.” I smiled and gently walked away, still searching for a bike. I was shocked when I saw the lady with her car beside me, she asked me if she could give me a lift. “wow….dream cm true” I said to myself. I couldn’t reject her offer. I entered the car and we were both discussing, we even exchanged contacts. She told me her name is Maryam but people calls her mary, I also told her my name is Al-amin but people call me dino. We reached the station, I came down from her car and she told me not to forget to give her a call. I told her not to worry herself. She looked at me for 5 seconds and drove away. My heart was beating for her love, I was already missing her. I walked straight into the station, when my colleague, ‘’Ali’’ told me that my boss has been looking for me. I was so scared to go to him but I had to. I went to the door of his office and knocked. he asked me to come in. I went in with my heart beating out of fear, I was like, ‘’ chaiii! I am finished.” I went in and I saw a man sitting next to him, the man was reporting a case about his account been hacked of 37million naira. My boss called me and introduced me to him, telling him that; he shouldn’t worry himself. This police officer standing in front of you is very intelligent and smart, I am sure he is going to help you arrest the hacker, he is also a yahoo boy. I replied; saying, ‘’oga no o, that was then o.” the man laughed and said, this ur smart boy is handsome, he doesn’t even look like a police officer. He turned to me and told me that his name is Alhaji sale. I also told him that my name is dino. he asked me if I could help him to trace the hacker boy? I smiled and said to him; not to worry himself. if only you can give me the hacker’s phone number, and most importantly, if the account he transferred your money to has not been closed, “that wont be a problem” he said. I took some informations about him from the bank. I asked him where the informations were, he told me they were in his laptop, if my boss can allow me go with him, he’d show them to me. My boss laughed and said, that won’t be a problem, it’s our duty to help people. He thanked my boss and we both went to his house. When we got to his house, guess who I saw? I saw the love of my life(Maryam). She pretended as if she doesn’t know me, and she gave me a sign to keep shut. I understood her, and was heart broken. I thought the man was her husband. I was in deep in thought; is this man her husband? What do I do if the man is really her husband? I am really in love with her and she cant be married. Alhaji sale asked me to sit down while he goes in to bring his laptop. He also called Maryam and asked her to get something for me to drink. I was relieved, cause, when he called Maryam, she answered him ‘’yes daddy.” Maryam went to the fridge, and brought out five alive with two meleened cups. She served me the juice, and she also served herself. (chaiii!! If only I can get married to this girl, I said to myself. She asked me some few questions and she also told me that Alhaji sale is her dad, I was very relieved. Her dad came out with the laptop, he showed me the information, and he also gave me the hacker’s number. I asked him for the I.T.R file, he didn’t understood what I.T.R file was. So, he told me to go to his bank manager and ask him if he has it. I replied “ok.” Alhaji sale was like, ‘’prove to me you are very smart by arresting this hacker, I have a nice reward for you if you capture him.” Maryam said; “daddy don’t worry urself, this officer looks smart, I am 100% sure he is going to trace the hacker, I trust him.” chaiii!! What if the hacker is not in Nigeria? How do I face them and tell them I couldn’t catch him? And how do I even come to ask for Maryam’s hand in marriage? “Does she even love me?” I thought to myself. Alhaji sale suddenly gave me 50,000 naira and told me that; he can spend more than the 37million that was hacked from him, all he want is for me to capture the hacker. I told him not to worry that I will try my possible best. I left his house and went straight to the station, I met my boss coming out from his office. He asked me some few questions, and I also told him I will be needing four boys for investigation the following day. “that won’t be a problem” he said. I went to the office and picked four boys, named; ali, emeka, segun and isabong. Ali was the happiest and smartest and among them, he likes going out for investigation and he is also good in tracking people, but he is not as good as I am. I told them not to come with uniform the next day. The next day, we went to the bank that Alhaji uses, I explained everything to the bank manager. he gave me some other information that will help me in arresting the hacker, and he also showed me the I.T.R file that I will use to track down the hacker and the passport of the hacker from their system. I copied the I.T.R file and passport to my flash and transferred it to my system. “this hacker is not even smart, he didn’t close the account after transferring someone’s money to his account” I thought to myself. Ali told me that if he had closed the account, there is no way we are going to be able to trace him, cause we can trace someone without the I.T.R file, I replied to him; smart boy, I know these three dullards doesn’t know anything about I.T.R file. the manager attending to us laughed out loud, and they felt embarrassed. I actually felt sorry for them, cause I am not used to embarrassing people. We all went back to the station. I went to my office, opened my laptop and started searching for the hacker’s location. After three hours of searching, I successfully found the area he stays in, but not his actual house. He stays at lekki in lagos. I told Ali that; he is coming with me, “I am going with Ali” I said to the four of them. if I go with the four of you, people might be suspicious. Me and Ali both went to a photo store, I showed them the passport and told them to print it out as a picture. After that; we went straight to the bus stop, we didn’t want the stress of a bus, so we decided to take a taxi straight to lekki. I bought a cigarette and hold it as if I was smoking it so that nobody will be suspicious. We both started asking people around if they know him by showing them the picture. After 2hours of searching, we were about going home and planning to come back the next day, when we finally met someone, who c
laimed to be his friend.




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