The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 16

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Episode 16
Early in the morning, he went out as usual to cleanse herself before go to pray. As I woke up with much energy and feeling of straffing uduak by night, I got the shock of my life while checking my phone. I got a massgae from uduak saying; she doesn’t think we can make it again today, which is matriculation day. Worst part of it, I have never planned any date with no one, thinking her own would be beter. So this how today would finaly go.
Before, I left home to motion ground on that day, it was almost 12:00pm. As they have finished addressing the students. Only those taking pictures remain for motion ground. I sha find my way there, hope to just have the memorable of that day in record in form of pic. While on motion ground scanning what on earth goin on. I saw a girl asking me to help take pictures for her friend with her phone. As first, I wanted to decline and got angry, but those chicks are so cool and clean. My mind begin to give me hope that, this could be my lucky day jareh. As I no want continue to put on moody on what uduak has done so far to spoil my day.
The girl that handed over phone to me then asked if we both can take the pix too.
I nodded in affirmative. We took pix in diference ways, holding each other as if we have knwn each other for long. She asked for my name when we through with pix and I got to know her name as uju from akwa ibon. There is something I discovered about the girls from EAST. They are free minded persons. Move with them for a day, is like you guys have been moving for long, unlike Yoruba girls….. Shiiiooooo, Yoruba girls, ee ti’e le!
We xchanged the number. She later broke the jinx by anounce most socking thing of my life which I am stil pounding up till today that; was she into me before?:

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Uju: will you come to Fresher night tonight?

Me: ooooooh, I wish but I just don’t have mission there, cause I don’t know anyone over there.

Uju: is that why you don’t want to come?

Me: yea….

Uju: so, as I am asking you over, you don’t know me too?

Me:++++smilling++ of course we have known each other.

Uju: can you do this for friendship shake then?

Me: may be, I will try.

Uju: not may be, let me know if you are goin to come.

+++++I begin to reason that uduak might also be at freashers night also, what if she see me with another girl? Hope my game won’t head towards the rock with her? These are the questions that ran through my mind before i Later concluded with uju+++

Me: ok, I wil come, but I won’t stay inside the party cause I am not use to such thin.

Uju: ok, just call me, I wil come and get you whenever you are.

Me: ok! Have a wonderful day then.

Uju: ok! Till then, I will be expecting you.

Me: bye….

Uju: oooh, less I forgot. Please which hall are you from?

Me: you mean my hostel?

Uju: yea of course

Me: King Jaja Hall of residence….

Uju: hmmmmmmmmm

Me: +++surprised++++ why hmmmmm?

Uju: I learnt that all the guys in king jaja hall are all badoooo…

Me: ++devil smile+++ ha, please count me out. I am diference. And of course when I came here I don’t know anything about hall. I just got the 1 I was given and that is all. Provided, I am a newcomers.

Uju: I have heard you, but I beleiv they might have initiate you now.

Me: +++laughing+++ Nothing like that. And you? Which hall are you from?

Uju: ++giggling++ Kofoworola Ademola Hall

Me: oh!

Uju: what?

Me: nothing of course!

Uju: nah you know, sha meet me at hall very close to “lagoon Light house” that is where the party is goin to bubble.

Me: ok!

By that time, We were at the Main Library close to the Senate Building… I wanted to find my way to my friends’ hostel. I then remember I was nt with my stuff. The ones I brought yesternight, I had to drop it because of changing of mood uduak created for the head of my life. Deep down inside; “it is the corp of her father, she will later bury it one day”.
And yet, I can never tel what wound jeopardize tonight game. I kuku find my way back to hostel for the preparation for tonight. Like play-play 8:00pm final nack, I buckle my shoes and find my way to “lagoon Lighthouse”. When I reach there, difference guys were hanging around. I know it is because of the bad thing they want to carry out. +++it is a thief that knows how to find thieves foot-steps on a mountain nah++. I find my level coded in one kind corner, connected my phone to uju. After like 15 minutes, she show up.

Uju: why you no wan come out to hall?

Me: I don’t feel like it. You know what?

Uju: what?

Me: I wasn’t use to all this type of life style….

Uju: you must be ajeboh ni ye…..oooooo

Me: ajeboh ke? If I hear.

Uju: barely looking at you tho, you look difference.

Me:++yinmu++ ho, smiling…. Thanks for the complement.

Uju: where shal we sit down now?

Me: let manage that place+++pointing to the basement behind the third house to hall.

Uju: ha, you think that is not too dangerous? Only us in that darkness….

Me: some guys are there also++++pointing to the guys hanging around with their chicks++++ (those guys were upto something also, as you guys know nah, badoo act. Only wise dudes would understand what I mean)

Uju: ok, but I am scared.

Me: don’t be scared, you are with me.

Uju: who are you?

Me: +++mo ko bara mi+++how do you mean?

Uju: do you belong?

Me: ++raised eye brown+++ belong? Do I look like I belong?

Uju: the way you are talking now…

Me: ++sigh+++ don’t misconstrued my point. I meant. We are together, thereby, nothing would happen by God’s grace.

Uju: now you are talking.

Me: huuunnnnnn…. Ok!

Uju: and why hnnnn?

Me: nothing jare…

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