The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 19

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Episode 19
Before security caught us in the act. I quickly put my di¢kson inside the trouser with her mucus cover the tip. While She also lower her skirt with out putting on the pant.

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++++in a second, we compose ourselves+++

We then discovered that the words” eyin wo le wa n’ibe un” wasn’t meant for us, as some guys were also beside the building doing baddo act. Lolz, “matriculation night” things ni nah.. All those newcomers need koboko to put their senses in order nah.

Uju and I, as I always wish we still had some many raw S£x together with time. But she begin to prove professionalism by not limiting herself to the number of guys enter her womanliness. The last time which make me provoke and denounce of eating her kitty-cat. I was very hard, on that day, exactly 2 weeks to the commencement our first semester exam. I have been contemplating of ‘which 1 to go for’, either uju or uduak. Uduak and I have once had S£x together in her apartment 2 to 3 times. A very raw S£x indeed, but the only thing that normally suffocate me with her kitty-cat is the strange smell it contain there-in. I can’t stand it, and while will I be enjoy myself and at the same time cover my nose for unwanted odour. That made me always want trying to track another girl down before uju fu¢k up.

+++++On that day, I then decide to settle for uju, since I got no choice, gosh. Wetin man go do?+++++

I have had low batery on my android phone since morning. I have been using my small nokia phone calling uju. Perhaps, she can come over. After several attempts. I then decided to go to her hostel then. Since it is on sunday. And there is a certain church in her hostel which normally gives we guys chances to enter female hostel every sunday morning as we wish. Within 3 minutes, I have joined the cab. In a jiffy I found my way in her door step knocking. I strongly believ her roommate won’t be around cause she do go to home very weekend. That give uju chances to invite anyone over every sunday morning, when her roommate might have not been around.

+++On her door knocking for like 3 minutes+++ she eventually asked:

Uju: who is that?

Me: it is me!

After hearing my voice, she took almost 5 minutes before came over to the door. When she eventually open the door. I sense some odour, so awful and irritating.

++++++There is something about having S£x, it will always come out from your body. There are some people who normally smell of their partner after S£x. The other one is sweating, no matter how hard you try to dry your body, it will surely show all over you+++++

++++She is trying to block my way from entering the room++++

Uju: +++surprised+++ you don’t tell me you are coming?

Me: yea, but I have been trying your number since, cus I have low batery on my adroid phone. But I called your number instead, u didn’t pick it.

Uju: ooh, that! I forgot to remove it form vibration…

Me: is that why you are not asking me to come in?

Uju: +++++put a devil smile on face+++++ hey, yea, am sorry… come in.

I saw a guy sitting on bed.

Me: hi

Guy: hi padi me!

Me: +++is this 1 crazy ni? Who be your padi?+++ smile, hope I didn’t disturb you guy?

Guy: +++chuck++++ of course not. Actually I should be on my way by now.

Me: haaa! I am the one pursue you?

Guy: noooo… I have already through, just about to go, before you show up.

Me:+++ I see…, after chopping you own finish abi+++ then no problem my man. Nice meeting you.

Guy: ait then. Have nice time.

Me:++were lele yi ooo+++ laughing! Thanks

Guy: ok, bye.

Me:++nice time after you abi?+++ ok bye.

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