The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 21

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Episode 21
Exam finally comes and go. Ibidun had been disturbed me of when should I comeback home.
Ibidun: ****on phone**** sebi nah tomorrow you are having you last paper?
Me: yes, but why are so concern about it that much?
Ibidun: nooooo, is just that I can’t wait to see you comeback home ni….
Me: no be you dey endure since last four months? Y that when it is now remains less than 5days to vacate you begin to put pressure on my head?
Ibidun: I wanna see you for something ni nah….
Me: tel me now then… I have enough airtime
Ibidun: it is nothing nah. OK! I only want to see you now….
Me: ok then, I will comeback to home on Sunday. We are having our last paper tomorrow *which is Friday*
Ibidun: ok then…
thanks dear!!!
Me: are satisfied now?
Ibidun: ***smile*** yeaa dear…
Me:***yinmu, come home kó, come home ni*** bye for now then!
Ibidun: bye sweetheart….
Me: ****hanged up*** murmuring; make I come home when I still have fun to catch here.
***Fast forwward***
I can’t return back to home as I promised her. But after 2 days staying at school when we already finish exam. School no comes sweet again. No girl to bleep. All of then have returned back home finish. I had no alternative than to return back to Ibadan. Since I still got two chicks waiting for me to be straffed. Ibidun being an existing customer is sure pass and Monica punany is a must taste to know and confirm it sweetness!!
When I reached home. I never inform ibidun that I have come around. Cause she will be a bottleneck to the game I want to play with monica. There are something about girls that want to get fu¢ked at all cost on their own. Even though you are saying nonsense while wooing then, they will still give you chances without number to bleep them. The relationship of Monica and I, is nothing to right home about. I never asked her out, nor did i ever told her I want us to be dating. One thing just led to each other and I called her that i would be around tomorrow a day before I left the school. I never hope to get affirmative from her. But like a soldier obey the last call, she announced that she would pay me a visit the following day. Every time ibidun called, I would tell her that I will call to inform her when I am ready to come home. And since we are not in the same street. I found lie so easy to make and it works.
I returned back home lately the following Wednesday. The following day was the day Monica promised to come. I have prepared the room for defiance girl. When she came around. I just brought ih-mult for her and made an excuse that whenever she come next will be an enjoyment gallery than this. as she can see, i just back and never settled down. One thing led to each other. In no time, I have begun to play with her hair. Tracing my hand down to her cleavage.
****ooooh! Koboko is a best punishment for a defiance girl. In fact, Monica must chop it***
and how?
My heart nearly fell off when she announced a tragedy news!!

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