The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 24

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Episode 24
Like a cat in a strange garret, I was expecting emotional display towards me or monica. Like throw a hanger at me or giving Monica the best shocking moment of her life, but once there is nothing like such. She just acted like a normal person wey we live together and to remove bad taste in my own mouth. And Banbury the story of a cock and a bull, I quickly sift my gaze off her and act as if she never exist. While passing her, I just drop a little greeting…. By saying ‘hi’
She doesn’t even act as if she is the one I was greeting, who cares?
As it is popularly saying; when push comes to shove, what would Jesus do?
I seen Monica off and returned back to home. When I returned back to home, I saw ibidun waiting for me inside. I wanted to put everything Back to its normal position but before I did so, she fronted me off and put a lion face at me:

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Ibidun: for your mind, you know how to play game right?

Me: ( trying to create sense of humour) which game you are playing dear?

Ibidun: whattttttt? You mean you are not talking to me right?

Me: i am talking to you now… Who else would I be talking to dear?

Ibidun: I really can’t believe my hear. I was never thought about it that you are this cheap?

Me: ****Wanted to hold her*** what do you mean by “cheap”?

Ibidun: *** retreating from my hand**** don’t use that your dirty hand to touch me please….

Me: ***shocked**** I don’t expecting this kind treatment from you at all.,..,

Ibidun: you should not be surprised….. When you are no longer the guy you used to be. You should be ready to accept any treatment come to your way henceforth.

Me: haaaaaa!!!!!

Ibidun: kìn lò há é lènù?

Me:***frown**** you are going beyond your boundary, you know that?

Ibidun: se ofe nah mi ni?**** you wan beat me abi?**** after when your thing no know boundary again, you still want to beat me abi?

Me : which of your thing?

Ibidun : ask me again….

Me: have we come to that extent?

Ibidun: yes! We have gone beyond the extent oooo

Me: this is enough. I can’t take it any more… the nuisance of your words are not exactly friendly like before. I Feel like I am being attacking. What caused all this?

Ibidun: oh! You never heard? Oh no, you should see with your own eyes too now. The nemesis of an hacker who shoot the arrow into the sky and cover his head with mortal.

Me: ibidun, what do you mean by all this?

Ibidun: Well,,,,,,,,I don’t have to inform you, caused you have already spoilt the whole thing already. My sister sah want to see you.

*** before I asked ” what for” …the door of my room bang on me***

Leaving me wonder what her sister wants to tell:

Why will she want to see me?????

We have never met before…how come she know I am moving with her sister????

Was she tell her that we are dating??????

Do they want to ask me for introduction????

Nooo, that can’t be, but what arrow did I shoot into the air?????

Hope this girl was not causing more problems in my absence???

*****These are rhetorical questions that fill my thought and i really could not provide answers to*****

And why on earth would floxy allow this girl figures out what was happening inside. I hope ships are designed to take one to a certain destinations. If his friendship decided not to take me to successful destination, it is time to delete the friend and allow the remaining ship to sink……

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