The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 5

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Episode 5
****It is already 222222222 mmmmminuteee…. Was all my weaken baby could pronounce. ***but, before she completed the statement. I used my tongue to flip the tip bossom. She let out the mooaaaan: Hooooouch, haaaaaaaa… Yeeeaa. Huuuuuu… Hoooooo…*****

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She held my head so close to the bossom. I stylish bend her over the bed, while my mouth was stil lock on the bossom. I move my hand down to her tiff. Her leg was already heavy. I draw the gown from up down to her hip. I use one of my leg hold on to the gown til the thing comes down to her leg. She wore only pant. I dipped my middle finger into her kitty-cat by strain the pant one side. She was damn wet. She let out a moan; Huuuu, huuuuu, huuuu, huuuu….. Like someone who has been crushed by trailer and in pain struggling on the ground.

As I was about to remove the pant, she held my hand and still groaaan and mooaaan in pleasure while stylish closing the legs…
****The devil wey dey follow this girl mind never ready to let go; “my mind pronounced”****

…I sah use my hand to hold on to kitty-cat entrance. rimming the kitty-cat entrance so that the whole play won’t turn to nightmare in a broad daylight… like i have seen it in a play and read in one of the stories being told by T-model…

She open her legs again. I took my time to play with kitty-cat, and while rimming it, I was sucking the bossom. She could not take the tomentor again as she was just holding my head, drawing me closer, and stroking my di¢kson$

***owo mi ba*** my mind pronounce!!!!

Within 3 minutes of rimming the kitty-cat. She could not drag thing with me no more, as her legs already become heavy and body was vibrating like second-hand chinese model nokia 105.

I removed the pant form kitty-cat and still continue to smoochnig her bossom. 5 minutes passed by while still smoochnig bossom, rimming kitty-cat and kissing the mouth, while she was stroking my di¢k.

Like play-play, she begin to adjust ping and twisting her body like snake. Strugling on the bed, while her body is betraying her. adjusting and stretching her body like a crystal.

She then said; j-tee please!!!

I asked why?

She said; you are suffering me…

I asked; how?

Before I could finished asking how. She already wore a lion face and said;

Ibidun: ++++ in a weak tone ++++ you are killing me!!!!

Me: ++++yinmu++++ how my babe????? I cant do that i love you…

Ibdun: ++++in a very weak tone+++ are you sure???

Me: ++++giggling++++ yes babe

Ibidun: ++++moan: hoooooch+++++ then, Put it inside nah… I wont want to be late!
Me: whaaaatttttt???

*****chaiiii, at last i go enter promise land!!!!!!!*****



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