The prognosticator. Episode 29

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I called nurse Titi again she picked she told
me she’s on her way coming, she said she
will be with us in the next five minutes, I
told cnn what nurse Titi and I discussed, I
later received another call from Dupe
Dupe: Hello love
Me: Hi dear
Dupe: How are you
Me: Fine and you
Dupe: Am fine, where are you
Me: With cnn
Dupe: ***Scream*** What?? cnn??
Me: Yes
Dupe: Don’t I warned you to stay off him?
Me: Yes you do but it’s very important to be
with him this night
Dupe: I know you cannot hear, if you love
yourself leave him now and am in your
house waiting
for you and I bought pack of condom for
you, you have to finish what you started
Me: I cannot leave him now
Dupe: So, you wanna place your friend
ahead of me
Me: No, not like that, we have very important
issues here to settle
Dupe: ***With angry voice*** Fine, no
problem then, but don’t ever try to call my
line again
Me: Haha haha it’s not up to that nah
Dupe: Come here now or forget about me
Me: Please try to understand me
Dupe: Bye bye ***She hang up***
Cnn: ***Faced me*** What happened
Me: Dupe is in my house waiting for me
Cnn: So you’re going to meet her?
Me: Do you think I can leave you all alone
just like that?
Cnn: Thank Pes
Me: We are in this together, and I believe
this problem will solve soon ***A knock
sounded on the door that moment, we
opened the door, walked in was nurse Titi
Me: Thank God you are here
Cnn: Thank God o
Nurse Titi: Where’s she
Cnn: ***Pointing to Tola on the floor***
Nurse Titi: ***Shocked*** Yeeeeeeee
Cnn: ***Panic*** What happened
Me: ***Shocked*** What happened please
talk to us
Nurse Titi: You guys are wicked o
Me: What happened please tell us
Nurse Titi: you supposed to carry her out of
this blood and clean her
Me: Our minds is scattered even we don’t
know what to do
Nurse Titi: Am coming lemme check her
Me: ok ***She placed “Stethoscope” on her
chest she listened for some seconds she
Nurse Titi: Hmmmm pesman she’s not dead
but if we leave her for the next 1hour
without proper treatment she will give up
Cnn: What are we going to do now, I don’t
want her dead
Nurse Titi: We have to carry her to hospital,
but let me stabilize her first ***She reached
for her hand bag and gave her one injection
*** Now we can carry her our clinic
Cnn: Am in trouble, what will be My
explanation to her father
Nurse Titi: You know am also in trouble if
she dies because am responsible for the
abortion, but if we save her life we’ll not be
punished, even if they wants to punish us it
would be less punishment
Me : Three of us here are criminal, we’re all
killer, what you guys suggest we do now
Nurse Titi: Let come into conclusions before
we leave here ***She quickly cleaned the
room and packed the blood stain clothes
somewhere safe***
You guys should bring suggestions nah
Cnn: Please safe us we don’t know what to
say, and I don’t think of anything
Nurse Titi: Fine we’ll carry her to hospital
now, two of you will pretend as if you don’t
know her
Me: What are we going to tell the doctor?
Nurse Titi: You’ll tell doctor that two of you
are coming from somewhere when you saw
her lying lifeless on the road, you stop to
help her and I meet you guys there.
I’ll take over from there, but before we can
go uncle cnn you have to clean your room
and take away whatever that can implicate
you in this room, you have to take away
Tola’s things in your room because police
may come for investigation and if they
find her things here you are in trouble,
even you have to delete her number on your
phone and delete yours on her phone too,
delete all your call history with her and all
the text message you have been sharing in
the past and don’t forget to check your
photo album if you has her pictures there
just take it out and keep it somewhere safe,
can you do all this before we proceed
Cnn: yes I can
***We took Tola’s phone, get all her chat
with cnn deleted including his pictures on
her phone, we deleted her number call
history, sms, even we unfriend her on
facebook all just to prove our innocent ***
Nurse Titi: Please you guys have to act cool
and calm in front of doctor, try to be
wearing innocent face, don’t let doctor
suspect of anything, oya let’s go.
We carried her to hospital, immediately we
reached the hospital, nurse Titi called the
security to open the gate for us.
As we walked in nurse Titi called few nurses
on duty to help her, with the help of the
nurses we carried her to emergency ward
one of the nurse went to call doctor she
also informed the doctor that the patient we
brought was in emergency ward.
The doctor went there and attend to her he
later returned to us at reception
Doctor: Who brought her here?
Nurse Titi: ***Signalled me to talk***
Me: Three of us sir
Doctor: Who is her boyfriend among two of
Me: Nobody sir, what happened is that me
and my friend were coming from Dstv
viewing Centre, we went there to watch
football, we suddenly saw her lying lifeless
along the road, we walked to her and
discovered she’s not dead
Nurse Titi: Sir I went outside to buy bread,
on my way coming the two of them
***pointing at us*** were in front of me
they called on me when they see lifeless
body of her along the road ,as a nurse sir, I
suggested we carried her to here in our
Doctor: Hmmmm if another nurse tell me
this kind of story, I wont believe her, but you
nurse Titi i trust you, you never tells a lie, but
don’t you think what you do can put you
into trouble if she didn’t make it?
***Cnn and i were shaking like leafs on the
sea ***
Nurse Titi: ***With calm tone and well
composed face*** Yes I know sir, but as
you always tell us to examine patients first
before we can do a thing, I firstly tested her
and gave her injection to save time before
we carry her sir
Doctor: Good,that’s why I always proud of
Nurse Titi: Thank you sir, so how is her
condition now
Doctor: she’ll make it, she’s responding to
Cnn/me: Thank God ooo
Doctor: Do you guys know she had
Cnn/me: ***Scream in pretendency*** What
Doctor: Yes she had abortion, and I believe
her boyfriend is in
serious trouble.
I will interview her When she wakes you
know we’ll be able to pin down her so called
boyfriend, I will also enquiry for her father’s
number to inform him the condition of her
Me: Good for her stupid boyfriend
Doctor: Now nurse Titi you’ll assign to her,
you will be looking after her in the
emergency ward, and
you should come and call me immediately
she wakes.
And you guys ***He faced us*** Don’t go
yet I think you deserve something big for
saving her life and you will be good example
for people to emulate
Me: Thank you sir
Doctor: Titi go and monitor her and you
guys should wait for us here ***heading
to another ward***
Nurse Titi: Pesman I will be updating you on
whatsapp stay online ***She left***
Cnn and I barely sat down when two
policemen walked in, the smiles on their
faces they saw us suggested they have been
following us right from cnn house, our
secret is about to expose to the whole
I closed my eyes, I nearly fainted as they
walked closed to us, I stretched my hands
waiting for handcuff on my wrist
To be continued

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