The prognosticator episode 34

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Immediately the police officer hanged up on
me rudely, one million and one thought
began flowing on my mind
“Dupe was
arrested this morning”
“What offence has
she committed?
“Maybe its scam”
“They can
never arrest Dupe just like that” “The Dupe i
know would have seen everything before
“I believe she knew i was in
police station now”
“Dupe cannot commit
any crime”
“what do i do now”
“A part of me
said i should call her number”
“But we are
fighting nah”
“I hate the way she hung up
on me yesterday”
“I have to put that aside, i
have to call her” I dialed her number
Me: Hello Dupe
Receiver: ***Man voice*** Hi
pesman, you’re speaking to the police who
just called you now
Me: Please what
happened to her?
Police: I think i told you
earlier to come to station, if you wanna
know her offence
Me: But am not around
now, i wasn’t in town
Police: Try to come
here whenever you’re around ***Hanged
Another problem, i couldn’t believe
dupe was truly arrested, am also at police
station, two of us are in different stations
with different cases, but dupe case cannot
be vital as mine, because mine is murder
case, but what i believe is Dupe cannot kill a
fly talkless of human beings, whatever her
case might be i pray to almighty Allah to be
with her.
I don’t want her to surfer i love
her so much. Call from Madam Hadiza
brought me back to my sense
Me: Hello peslady
Madam Hadiza: Morning dear, how
was your night?
Me: Am fine
Madam Hadiza: Where are you? Please come
meet me at divisional police station
Me: What happened
Madam Hadiza: You
remembered Dupe my sale girl
Me: Yes i
remembered her, what happened to her?
Madam Hadiza: The bitch stole my money
and she is calming she was robbed on her
way to bank
Me: Haaaaaa how much?
Madam Hadiza: Five hundred thousand naira
Me: ***Scream*** Yeeeee
how did it happen?, how can you give her
such huge amount of money?
Madam Hadiza: I gave her the money to save
into my
bank account, she came back home crying,
that the money was collected from her, she
said the cab she took was the cab of 419,
they robbed her at gunpoint along the road
and they pushed her out of the car, that was
the lie she told me, i called police
immediately for her arrest she’s now in
police cell, just come and meet me there
Me: but am also at police station now
Madam Hadiza: What are you doing in police
Me: *** told her what happened,
the way i told the police***
Madam Hadiza: Don’t worry i will be there
shortly, those people must be crazy, so you
slept in
Me: no i slept in the hospital
because they denied us freedom
Madam Hadiza: oh! They must be stupid for
that, that’s the reason why some people
not to help again o
Me: Even me too if God can save me from
this, i will think twice
before i could help next time
Madam Hadiza: Pesman am angry, be
expecting me soon ***hang up***
“Wow My God is on
her way coming Yes this case will closed
10 minutes later D.P.O and Nike came
out of his office, he instructed his boys to
lets go to the clinic
Cnn and I were
conveyed with the police van, while D.P.O
and Nike conveyed in his personal card, cnn
and i remain silent as the van zommed off,
my phone ringing tone diverted the
attention of the three policemen at the back
of van with us to my direction
Me: Hello abbey
Abbey: Haaaaaa padi mi to sure, how far
Me: Am fine o
Abbey: Where are you nah, have checked
you and cnn at
Me: We are at somewhere together
Abbey: Where?
Me: Abbey i will call you back am busy now
Abbey: No lele bro, just
want to show my gratitude
Me: That’s amaze we are one bro, see you
Abbey: Stay cool boss bye
Me: bye ***hang up*** this abbey of a guy
don’t know a thing, i
logged on whatsapp to gist nurse titi, luckily
for me she was online
Me: Hi dear
Nurse Titi: Peslove how are you
Me: I dey noni
Nurse Titi: Where are you now?
Me: At the back of police van, on our way to
your clinic with Tola’s father and her sister
Nurse Titi: Tell me its a lie, you’re inside the
same van and her sister didn’t recognized
Me: no we are not inside the same van o, we
are at the back of police van while D.P.O and
are inside of his car
Nurse Titi: Ok pesman am at home, i will
resume work by 6pm .
Me: What is going to happen now?
Nurse Titi: Let just be prayerfull and don’t
worry nothing will happened
“Fokanbale” (Don’t
be scared) ok?
Me: Ok o, wetin man go do than to accept
his faith
Nurse Titi: ***Last seen 1 min ago***
******15 MINUTES LATTER******
My heart beat increased as our car
approached the clinic, only prayer on my lips
to God is to save us from this problem we
found our self, we came down
and went inside the clinic. D.P.O and Nike
headed to doctor office leaving cnn and i
with five armed policemen at the reception,
we waited patiently for him like 30 minutes,
i started think about my life
“Some of my age mate are workers of
“Some are working with aviation” “Some are
working with Big oil company”
“I am here running after agama lizards
because of the woman ritual”
“I red it that General Yakubu Gowan was in
his late 20’s when he be came the president
of this country”
“likewise Sir Amadu bello and many more, i
am here now at age of 24th without
passing jamb, what am i going to become in
the nearest future sef ?”
my thought was brought to halt when D.P.O,
Nike and Doctor
walked out of doctor’s office.
Nike screamed on top of her voice
immediately her eye fell
on cnn
Nike: ***Pointing at cnn*** Daddy this is
anty Tola’s boyfriend, Brother mujeeb where
is my sister because she told me
she’s coming to your house.
Cnn and i looked at each other without
knowing what next to do or say, i couldn’t
tell how i felt
that moment, the D.P.O looked at us with
rang in his eye he moved closed to us and
landed me three hot slap, i fainted .
To be continued

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