The unexpected love season 2 episode 12

The unexpected love season 2 episode 12

March 1, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 12
Tochi’s room had a hurricane lamp on the table which reflected her shadow as she laid in the bed with her face up. One could see tears gushing out from her eyes and her chest pumping up and down. Anyone who sees her will surely know that she was passing through emotional pains. She cleaned her tears occasionally but the more she cleaned, the more they pour out. “I’m already missing you, Wisdom. I love you so much, i just hope you keep to your promises” she thought and dried her tears again. Her mother, who had gone to the kitchen and found her food untouched stayed at her door when she heard her sniffing in tears. Of course she knew why she was in that mood but gently returned to her room.
On the other hand, Wisdom laid in his bed. A lamp stood before him as he made use of a pen and a paper. As he wrote, he smiled occasionally feeling his eyes wet with tears. He wore only a singlet and a boxer. He suddenly kept the pen and turned upward looking at the ceiling. “I will always bring you close to my heart never to forget you. Please, keep to your promise” he thought.
At the same time, Vivian couldn’t stop smiling or admiring Wisdom’s pictures. She occasionally kissed it and said, “I must surely meet you wherever you are. Can’t you see I’m loving you already?” few minutes later she slept off.
As Wisdom, his parents and Mr Anuma were on their way to the airport, Tochi was dressing up for school. Her mother noticed that she had not said anything but just good morning, so she called her from the kitchen where she was.
“Tochukwu nwam”
“You’re still young to go through painful emotional feelings”
“Mama, what are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about how you have been feeling since last night. You are still young!!”
Tochi kept quiet and adjusted her school bag.
“I heard everything you and that your lesson teacher discussed yesterday evening” the mother continued. “Only the person who God has kept for you will always stay. The person not meant for you can not stay. So stop feeling this way and concentrate on your future. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Mama” Tochi replied without smiling but feeling shy. “I’m off to school” she added.
“Okay, my daughter” she walked out sadly.
Kingsley arrived at school very early, but it was time for assembly yet, Tochi had not come to school. Students gathered on the assembly ground waiting for her but since she was nowhere to be found, Linda took over her duty. Kingsley sighted her walking sluggishly from afar then he walked up to her.
“Why are you behaving like this?”
“I’m sorry, i couldn’t sleep last night that’s why i woke up late”
“But why? You look so dull, what is the problem?”
“Never mind”
“Can you share it with me, at least as a friend?”
“No, is doesn’t concern you” Tochi passed him. Immediately she saw Vivian coming down from a car but didn’t say anything.
Before Wisdom entered an airplane he handed a paper to Mr Anuma at the very sight of his parents.
“Please, give it to my student, Tochukwu Desmond” he said.
“It shall get to her my boy” Mr Anuma replied smiling.
Meanwhile, Mrs Caleb, his mother was already in tears thinking of how she will miss her only son. Wisdom hugged and consoled her while his father shook hands with him.
“You will go safety and return safely. You are the true son of your father! Ije oma, nwam” the father wished him a safe journey. They watched the airplane from the tarmac until it took off, up in the sky.
Tochi and Linda sat quietly inside their classroom. Of course all the students had been told about Wisdom’s strip which took place that day so Linda didn’t need a prophect to tell her why Tochi had been speechless.
“Did both of you talk before he travelled?” Linda asked Tochi.
“Yes” she replied without looking at her.
“What did he say?”
“Nothing much, we only made promises to each other”
“Just that?”
Suddenly, Vivian arrived in their mist. Linda glanced at her, she disdained her and hissed loudly.
“Can i join your conversation?” Vivian requested.
“No, you can’t” Linda replied.
“Well, i wasn’t talking to you!”
“It doesn’t matter, so get out of here!”
“Hey, Linda stop!” Tochi interfered. “Allow her to join us. She’s only trying to be friendly” she added. Just then, a boy came and informed Tochi that Mr Anuma was calling her. After she left, Linda also wanted to leave but Vivian’s voice prevented her.
“Why are you behaving as if we are quarrelling?!” Vivian asked her.
“Well, you started!”
“Yesterday, when you yelled at me for just looking at you!”
“Is okay, I’m sorry, is part of me. Forgive me please”
Linda stared at her angrily and gradually returned to sit down with her.
Mr Anuma’s office was just.. Mr Anuma’s office. Dictionary and other heavy books were seen on his table as Tochi stood before him waiting to get the reason why she was summoned…


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