The unexpected love season 2 episode 13

The unexpected love season 2 episode 13

March 2, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 13
“Desmond” Mr Anuma called and brought out a paper. “I hope you are aware of Wisdom’s trip to London?”
“Yes, sir” Tochi replied without smiling which Mr Anuma noticed.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine sir”
“Okay, he said i should give this paper to you” he stretched his hand then Tochi collected it.
“Sir, you mean Wisdom gave it to me?”
“Yes, i don’t know the content but i believe is something that will help you”
“How do you know, sir?”
“Because nothing irresponsible can come from someone like Wisdom”
“Thank you sir” Tochi went out into her classroom just to see Vivian and Linda having a conversation. She hid the paper not knowing that they had already seen it.
“What are you hiding inside your…” Vivian paused and looked at Linda smiling. “Better bring it out or i will put my hand inside there oh” she added and they laughed then Tochi sat with them smiling.
“It’s just a letter” she said.
“From who?” Linda asked curiously.
“From her boyfriend of course” Vivian added.
“So you are now dating Mr Anuma?!” Linda said.
“No oh! How can you say such a thing?” Tochi defended. “It’s a letter to the principal” she lied.
“Then why did you put it inside your…” Linda paused and looked at Vivian. “..inside that place” she added and they laughed.
“Both of you are silly and naughty” Tochi concluded smiling.
“I wish the letter is from my boyfriend” Vivian said demonstrating with her hands then Tochi and Linda stared at each other.
“Your boyfriend? From this school?” Linda asked.
“No, he’s schooling abroad”
“And why didn’t you follow him?”
“Na condition make Caryfish bend nah” Vivian replied and they laughed again.
Mr and Mrs Silva walked down the stairs at the same time arguing. Both were in an expensive traditional attire. Chester who was in the sittingroom stood up when he heard their voices.
“Why don’t you want to allow this boy to have a quality education abroad?” Mrs Silva asked her husband.
“I didn’t object to that but he decided not to! Lets allow him make his choice” he replied.
“Well, you should be the one to decide for him”
“He’s grown up now to make his own decisions”
“Mum! Dad!” Chester interrupted them before they kept quiet. “What is going on?”
“Asked your mother” the father replied and walked out.
“Mum, calm down” Chester moved closer and held her on the shoulder. “Why are you so enthusiastic to see me school abroad with Maria?” he asked.
“Because that’s what befits you my son, and also you will get to know her very well. She’s from a famous family”
“Is that all?”
“Of course, son. Think about it” she replied and went upstairs.
Chester sluggishly sat on the cushion and flung the television remote. “I can’t believe this!” he murmured.
Still on break period, Kingsley sat quietly alone outside at the very sight of Tochi, Vivian and Linda who wondered why he was such in a sluggish mood.
“Our S.P seems to be in a bad mood today” Vivian broke the silence but they didn’t say a word. “Let me go and find out” she stood up while the girls stared at her surprisingly as she walked to Kingsley. She had an attractive steps which added to her beauty.
“Hi, S.P” Vivian said before Kingsley looked up.
“Hi, Vivian” he responded.
“What’s troubling you?”
“Come on, i know that look. Has she broken your heart?”
“Your babe”
Kingsley smiled and said, “I don’t have a babe”
“Really? As handsome as you are”
“Well, I’m inlove but unfortunately i can’t get that in return”
Vivian thought for a while. “Who’s the lucky girl?” she asked then Kingsley stared at Tochi. Vivian followed his eyes and understood.
“Is she the one?” she asked.
“Yes, i love her so much”
“Really? Don’t worry, i will link you up with her”
“Can you really do that?”
“Trust me” she went out.
Vivian waved a goodbye hand to Tochi and Linda. She had not told Tochi about Kingsley’s feelings but planned to do that the next day.
“Hi, Tochi” Kingsley arrived. “Can we go together?” he requested.
“Why?” Linda asked.
“No problem” Tochi permitted him. After he locked all the classes, three of them began to go home.
“Now tell me about the letter” Linda said looking at Tochi.
“It’s from Wisdom” she replied then Kingsley became jealous.
“Wow, can i see it?”
“No, till tomorrow” they giggled.
“Wisdom wrote a letter to you?” Kingsley asked.
“Yes” Tochi replied without looking at him.
“That’s good” he concluded feeling jealous.
As Tochi laid in her bed preparing to read the letter so as Vivian was in her bed trying Wisdom’s number which wasn’t going through. At the same time, Mr Anuma sat in his sittingroom watching CNN news. He adjusted his eyeglass when he saw a plane crash then a journalists stood with a microphone and said, “A flight from Africa to London crashed earlier today at Santasu forest…”
“Wisdom!” Mr Anuma exclaimed..


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