The unexpected love season 2 episode 14

The unexpected love season 2 episode 14

March 3, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 14
Vivian stood up from her bed and began to move to and fro wearing only a pant without a bra. Her breast was standing like an iroko tree without any slight fall. She dialed Wisdom’s number again yet it wasn’t going through. “Ooh!” she exclaimed and hit her legs continuously on the ground.
On the other hand, Mr Anuma also grabbed his phone quickly and dialed Wisdom’s number. He tied a wrapper like men with a white singlet. As he placed the phone on his ear his eyes fist on the television which was still broadcasting the painful death of passengers on the plane crash.
“No, this can’t be true!” he shouted when the line wasn’t going through then became restless moving to and fro without knowing what else to do. He wanted to reach Wisdom’s parents but slowed down. “I can’t give them such information otherwise another thing will happen” he thought and listened to the journalist again: This particular plane is said to take off this morning from one of the most populated African country, Nigeria. Almost all the passengers died..
Hearing that, Mr Anuma picked up his phone again to call but the response proved negative.
Tochi quietly opened the letter while in bed. She covered her naked body with a wrapper but her big and attractive breast was visibly seen. She gave out a smile when she began to read the letter thus: No matter where i am or where i go, you will still be the woman i love. I can’t wait to see my generation coming forth from you having your lovely smiles and beautiful face because that’s what keeps me going. So my love and my hope, even if you won’t see me for a very long time just keep smiling for me. I’m already missing you, wish i could hold you one more time in my arms…
Tochi couldn’t stop smiling and shedding tears as she read the letter, she folded it and flashed back on the lovely time she had with Wisdom:
“I’m sorry for being so mean to you.. Sleep in my arms… Just keep the jacket… Make me proud… Of course you will see me again, I’m not leaving you..”
Tochi couldn’t explain why she kept shedding tears and smiling as she remembered them.
“I love u so much too, Wisdom” she said loudly and slept off with the letter in her hand.
Mr and Mrs Caleb got worried for not getting any information about their son’s journey. The wife came out at the frontage adjusting her wrapper with a long face while the husband also came out at the same time with a cell phone.
“Please, call his teacher, Mr Anuma maybe he knows something” the wife suggested from the bench where she was sitting.
“Hello, good morning sir” Mr Anuma sounding on the phone.
“We want to know if Wisdom has called you” Mr Caleb told him.
“Hum.. He hasn’t called but.. but i believe he has reached his destination by now”
“But why has he not called?”
“Maybe he’s finding it difficult to call” Mr Anuma replied and the line went dead.
“Nothing should happen to my son oh!” Mrs Caleb shouted and adjusted her wrapper again.
Tochi dressed up for school, seeing the phone number Wisdom wrote on the letter she went to the backyard to meet her mother.
“Haven’t you gone to school?”
“I will soon go, Mama”
They became quiet. From the way she behaved the mother knew that she had something to ask her but doesn’t know how to say it.
“Is anything the problem?” she asked.
“No, Mama, but..” Tochi paused.
“But what?”
“Can you please buy a cell phone for me, please Mama?”
“You want to be calling that your lesson teacher, abi?” the mother replied then Tochi smiled. “I will get you a phone very soon” she added.
“Hey! Thank you Mama!” Tochi rejoiced and hugged her before she left for school.
Mr Anuma first went to Mr Luster’s resident to confirm the news from him before going to school. Tochi saw him rushing into the principal’s office. She had never seen Mr Anuma so serious and fast in locomotion like the way she saw him that morning. Just then, Linda joined her where she was standing.
“Mr Anuma is behaving strange this morning” Tochi told her.
“Yes, i have been noticing it. What could be the problem?”
“I don’t know”
“Have you heard from Wisdom whether he reached London successfully?”
“How do you expect me to know without a cell phone? Well i will ask Mr Anuma when he comes out”
“Okay” Linda concluded. Suddenly, Vivian arrived in a car. She stepped down in front of Tochi and Linda. They could see her wearing a long face without smiling.
“Come, o-girl, why the long face this morning?” Linda asked her.
“Is that good morning or what?!” she replied angrily.
“You have started again with this your disgusting character!”
“Well, get use to it” she smiled and greeted them.
“Welcome, Vivian” Tochi replied smiling.
“Thank you” Vivian said and adjusted her bag. “My boyfriend’s number is not going through” she added.
“The one schooling abroad?” Tochi asked.
“So that’s why your face is like this abi?” Linda asked..


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