The unexpected love season 2 episode 15

The unexpected love season 2 episode 15

March 4, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 15
Tochi smiled out to the principal’s office to pick a broom which the junior students will use for their duties, while Vivian entered into the classroom to keep her bag. Just at the entrance of the office, Tochi over-heard Mr Anuma and the principal discussing. She listened from the door which was demarcated with only a cotton.
Mr Anuma took a seat sharply without even the permission of the principal who sat opposite him wondering what must have caused his curiosity and anxiety. He removed his eyeglasses instantly and hit the table bitterly.
“Mr Anuma what’s all these?” the principal interrogated.
“I think i have a bad news” he replied tapping his foot continuously, “Did you watch CNN news last night?” he asked.
“No, what happened?”
“An airplane from Nigeria to London crashed yesterday and Wisdom’s number isn’t going through”
“My Goodness!” Mr Nelson exclaimed while Tochi gasped from the door with her hands on her mouth. Mr Anuma heard her voice then called her.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
Tochi was already vibrating and her eyes began to wet with tears but she tried very hard to control it.
“Sir, i-i-i..want to take a-a-a” she stammered with her mouth shaking and the tears finally dropped from her eyes. “Sir please, tell me Wisdom is not dead” she changed the topic in tears and the principal shook his head sadly.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma called. “You have to calm down and make sure nobody hears about this”
“Are you really saying that Wisdom is dead?”
“No! We don’t know yet until we confirm the truth! So stop crying and keep your mouth shut not to scare people especially his parents, okay?”
“Okay, sir” Tochi replied and ran inside her classroom crying with her face bent downward. Only vivian was inside the classroom, so she quickly rushed her and asked, “Why are you crying?” but she didn’t get a reply.
Mr Anuma and the principal rushed out of the office, they entered a car and drove off with a high speed. Seeing that, Linda rushed inside the classroom and found Tochi crying while Vivian stool by her side.
“Why is she crying? What have you done to her?” she shouted at Vivian.
“I didn’t do her anything. She came out from the office crying bitterly” she defended.
“Tochi, why are you crying?”
“Linda I’m finished” Tochi replied. “Airplane oh.. Airplane crashed oh… And Wisdom’s number is not going oh”
“Jesus!” Linda exclaimed.
“Which of the Wisdom are you talking about?” Vivian asked but nobody replied her. Meanwhile, Linda was already in tears too.
“I believe is not your own Wisdom. He can’t just die like that” she consoled Tochi.
“Can somebody tell me what’s going on her?!” Linda exclaimed curiously..
The same news was repeated that morning but Chester was watching cartoon in the sittingroom. He didn’t bother to change the channel when his father came down.
“Good morning, Dad” He greeted without looking at him.
“Morning, son. I want to watch news”
“Okay, Dad” he quickly changed the channel to CNN. He listened carefully just like Mr Anuma did but he couldn’t believe his ears and eyes.
“Dad, when did this happen?” he asked looking at his father.
“It happened yesterday. Almost all the passengers died” he replied.
“What?! But my best friend traveled to London yesterday. Does it mean that he’s dead?”
“Which airport and airplane did your friend board?”
“Lagos airport”
“This particular one is from Abuja” the father replied then Chester exhaled deeply.
“Thank God?” he exclaimed and picked up his phone to call Wisdom. He entered inside the room when the phone started ringing.
“Xup bro” he shouted happily.
“Chester!” Wisdom called on the phone. Please, I’m just putting on my phone now and you are the first to call me. I have been trying to reach my parents even Mr Anuma but there are not reachable. Please, help me go to the school and tell him that i have reached my destination”
“Okay bro, anything for you” Chester replied. He dressed up and headed to WISS immediately.
Nobody had answered Vivian’s question to reduce her curiosity thereby making her to imaging who this Wisdom is to Tochi that makes her cry uncontrollably. Assembly was about to start and students who came to Tochi were given a wrong information. Suddenly, Chester arrived. He when straight to Mr Anuma’s office but didn’t see he him then he went to Tochi’s classroom and found her crying. Vivian stared at him with her hands folded trying to know the root of the situation.
“Why are you crying?” Chester asked Tochi. “I just called Wisdom now” he added and Tochi stood up sharply.
“You mean you talked to him?” she asked.
“Yes, he said i should inform Mr Anuma that he has reached his destination”
“But i heard Mr Anuma and the principal talking about plane crash”
“Yeah, but that wasn’t Wisdom’s plane. Is that why you are crying?”
Suddenly, Mr Anuma and the principal arrived from Airport where they went to inquire the rightful information and was told it wasn’t Wisdom’s plane..


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