The unexpected love season 2 episode 16

The unexpected love season 2 episode 16

March 5, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 16
The bell rang immediately for assembly and students began to form their lines on the assembly ground. Chester greeted Mr Anuma and the principal when they came down from the car followed by Tochi. While Vivian and Linda were on their way to the assembly ground. They walked like teenage students they were shaking their attractive buttocks and looking beautiful.
“Is it Wisdom the one that won a scholarship?” Vivian asked Linda.
“Yes” she replied.
“Is he a brother to Tochi?”
“Then why was she crying as if they are related?”
“Everybody loves Wisdom especially Tochi”
“What do you mean? You mean they are dating?”
“So you thought you are the only one who has a boyfriend that is schooling abroad, abi?” Linda smiled.
“Hmm, i never knew they are dating” Vivian replied and gave out a smile but feeling both jealous and heartbroken. She understood that it was the same Wisdom who she was crushing on but kept quiet.
“Now, you know they are dating so make sure you don’t snatch him away from Tochi” Linda jokingly said. “Anyway, where will you even see him?” she added and Vivian smiled unwillingly.
Mr Anuma exhaled with smiles on his face when he saw Tochi and Chester. He stood behind with them while the principal went into his office thanking God.
“Finally, it wasn’t Wisdom’s airplane so calm down, Demand” Mr Anuma said.
“Thank you sir, Chester here even confirmed it” Tochi replied.
“How?” Mr Anuma Looked at Chester.
“I called him, so he said i should tell you that he has reached his destination successfully” Chester explained.
“When did you call him?”
“Few minutes ago, sir. According to him, he was unable to reach you and his parents”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “I believe it must the encumbrance and insufficient network of this our country! This is so bad! I think this hocuspocus network of ours needs exigency expansionism! God!” he concluded angrily then Chester and Tochi looked at each other and smiled.
“Sir, i will be on my way now?” Chester said.
“Alright, thank you for the information” he walked into the assembly ground with Tochi simultaneously.
Vivian, knowing that Tochi and Wisdom were dating she began to look for a way to get her linked up with Kingsley so that she will totally be Wisdom’s. She sat on her seat staring at the wall. “I will make him love me” she began to think. “I must make him believe that Tochi is cheating on him, then when i finally gain his trust, after my waec i will meet him in London..”
“Vivian! Vivian!!” Tochi interrupted by shaking her. “What are you thinking?!” she asked.
“Don’t mind me dear, seat with me” she replied then Tochi sat down. “How much do you know Kingsley?” she asked.
“I have known him right from my SS2. Why asking” Tochi looked at her.
“Nothing much, just that they guy is good”
“That’s true”
“Don’t you like him?”
“I like him” Tochi smiled and looked at her again. “You are sounding strange. Xup with you?”
“He really loves you”
“Kingsley, i mean that guy is crazy inlove with you” Vivian replied but Tochi kept quiet with a frowned face. “I think you should give him a chance” Vivian suggested.
“No, i have a boyfriend already”
“Who? Wisdom?” Vivian wanted to be sure.
“Who told you?”
“Do i need someone to tell me? Of course i saw how you were crying this morning because of him”
Tochi smiled. “Well, that’s true, i love him so much” she said smiling.
“You don’t know what he will be doing there with girls or maybe forget about you totally when he sees pretty girls there. So you better give Kingsley a chance too” Vivian persuaded.
Hearing that, Tochi’s heart began 2 beat faster. She stared at her in thought blinking her eyes occasionally.
“No, Wisdom can’t do such a thing. I trust him” she said.
“Really?” Vivian asked but she didn’t reply rather she walked out.
Chester went home and found his parents gone so he thought that would be a good time to invite Esther over, then he jumped on the bed with his phone on his ear.
“Hello sweetheart!” he shouted smiling.
“Hmm, when did you start calling me sweetheart?” Esther asked from the phone.
“From today”
“Thank you”
“Can you please come over to my house?”
“But i don’t know your house”
“That’s the reason why you should come”
Esther thought for a while and said, “Send me the address”
“Okay, sweetheart” the line went dead.
Chester did as she requested and few minutes later Esther began to knock at the gate. The gateman, Shehu let her in after Chester instructed him to do so.
“Wow!” Esther exclaimed admiring the furnitures in the sittingroom. “You mean you are the only one in this big house?”
“Yes, is no big deal” Chester replied and told her to sit down.
“What can i offer you?”
“Nothing oh, you have offered me enough by allowing this AC to cool my body temperature” Esther replied and they laughed. Just then, they heard the horn of a car at the gate-Mrs Silva and Maria were coming..


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