The unexpected love season 2 episode 26

The unexpected love season 2 episode 26

March 15, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 26
Vivian stood up angrily to react on the hot slap but Linda gave her another one and pushed her to the wall before students gathered around and held Linda as she wanted to give her another provocative slap. Tochi and Kingsley arrived. As the senior prefects, student expected them to take the rightful action. However, Vivian had no idea why Linda picked up a fight with her, she said, “Linda, you slapped me?!”
“And i will still slap you again you shameless slut! Your evil plans have been exposed. How can you be so wicked and heartless to hurt someone’s feelings because of a boy?!”
“Heeehhh!” students shouted but none of them had a clue of what or to whom Linda was talking about except Tochi and Kingsley. Just then Vivian understood that she had been betrayed. So she looked at Kingsley angrily who immediately acted as a senior prefect otherwise he would be reported for not standing up to his responsibility.
“Both of you go on your knees!” he shouted, yet Vivian and Linda were still standing.
Mr Anuma, who heard their noise while going to the principal’s office came around.
“Kizito” he called.
“Yes, sir” Kingsley answered.
“What’s the cause of this haphazard catastrophe?”
“Sir, Linda and Vivian were caught intending to fight and have also refused to obey my commands”
“Oh, Lala!” Mr Anuma looked at them and adjusted his eyeglasses bending like an elder. Seeing his action, Vivian and Linda went on their knees immediately then he asked them the cause of the quarrel but none of them answered before he turned to Kingsley again.
“Kizito” Mr Anuma began. “I’m giving you the carteblanche to flogg out hyperventilation in them. And never you stop until you experience carpaltunnel syndrome because i believe the reason of their mute is hanky-panky”
“Okay, sir” Kingsley replied smiling at the grammar.
“Sir, what is hanky-panky?!” a male student shouted from the door but Mr Anuma didn’t replied as he moved towards the door too. He stared at the boy for a while angrily then smiled.
“Make use of your edutainment” he replied and walked out.
“Hmm, you are confusing me the more, sir” the boy murmured into the class where Vivian and Linda were expected to receive their punishments by Kingsley. Tochi told him to forgive them but he refused and allowed them to remain like that.
Vivian went to Tochi where she was parking her books to leave.
“Listen” she began but Tochi didn’t look at her. “I promise i will never stop until Wisdom becomes mind. Moreover, be ready to travel to London because I’m going there to meet him after my waec. I know you can’t afford a cab not to talk of an airplane, even if you sell everything your family has” she hissed and walked at. Then Tochi stared at her feeling her eyes wet with tears for her mockery words. Just then Linda arrived.
“What did she say?” she asked.
“Nothing” Tochi replied and flung her bag on her shoulder then went out briskly with Linda.
As they went outside they saw Vivian arguing went Kingsley.
“..Seriously, you need to stop all these nonsense. It doesn’t make sense!” Kingsley shouted.
“Well, i just know the type of person you are for betraying me” Vivian defended.
“But i had to!”
“Bcoz of what you just did, you can never win Tochi’s heart again and you have shown me that you are not man enough, nonsense!” Vivian concluded and walked out. Kingsley watched her feeling the bitterness of her words.
“Me, Kizito Santo, not man enough” he murmured bitterly.
Kingsley was lonely. Vivian’s words couldn’t get off his mind and the thought of Tochi not showing him love broke his heart. Now, he was all alone without Tochi or Vivian. He sat quietly in the classroom with his back leaned on the edge of another locker behind him. Vivian hissed as she passed making him feel more devastated. When Linda saw how quiet he was, she gently walked to him.
“Hi, you have been sitting here quietly leaving all the work for Tochi. Why?” she asked but Kingsley kept quiet with his hands folded. “I admire your courage for saying the truth yesterday” she added.
“Thanks” Kingsley replied reluctantly.
“That makes you a man. A man should be truthful and stand by his words and that’s exactly what you did. Bravo to you”
Hearing that, Kingsley felt less devastated or heartbroken so he let out a smile which Linda saw and smiled too.
“I actually thought that I’m a disgrace to manhood” he said.
“No! Who told you that?”
“Vivian, for exposing her”
“Don’t mind her, you did the right thing. She’s a disgrace to womanhood for forcing herself to a man”
“I actually like the way you slapped her yesterday. Mehn, you are an action and iron lady!” Kingsley sat up and they laughed. “I never thought you are this strong!” he added.
“I’m not, just that i hate injustice. The girl is so annoying abeg”
“Thanks” Kingsley stared at her.
“For what?”
“For putting a smile on my face this afternoon”
“Is okay” they stared at each other..


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