The unexpected love season 2 episode 30

The unexpected love season 2 episode 30

March 20, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 30
The following day, Maria gently opened Chester’s apartment with a paper in her hand. She stretched it forward to Chester who was lying face-up in the bed with only a trouser and singlet without saying a word. He gently collected it and read it for few seconds then glanced at Maria just to see her staring at him. He quietly gave her back the paper and closed his eyes for a nap with his two hands crossed on his chest then Maria climbed on the bed too.
“I’m really sorry, it will never happen again. Please, forgive me” she said but Chester kept quiet.
“I have finally gotten what i wanted from you which is the pregnancy result that proved negative so i have nothing against you” he finally replied.
“Thank you, i love you so much”
“Well, you have to understand that i have a girl i love”
“Esther? You know that even our parents can’t allow that to happen”
“What are we?! Tell me!” Chester stood up. “We aren’t betrothed to each other so leave our parents out of this!”
“So, my love for you doesn’t mean anything to you, right?”
“Yes! you need to understand that” he entered into the bathroom…
Esther has been disturbed by boys who she had always rejected and sometimes talked to her mother about her feelings. Of course her mother always gave her the right advice and encourage her to follow her heart. She just came out from the lecture hall and a boy met her.
“Excuse me, beauty?” he said then Esther looked back.
“Hi” she replied smiling which she had never forgotten to do.
“Can we grabbed some coffee tonight? I mean just both of us”
“I’m sorry, my boyfriend is taking me out tonight” she replied then the boy became disappoint. “Please, don’t be upset, I’m occupied, okay?” Esther added and smiled out.
When she got home, she quickly called Chester..
Chester was still in the bathroom when his cell phone vibrated. Maria saw the name of the caller to be Esther then she picked it up.
“Hello my heart” Esther said on the phone.
“Well, I’m sorry your heart isn’t here” Maria replied.
“Who are you?” she asked with a low voice standing up.
“If you can recall back when you were introduced as a classmate you will know who i am”
Esther was heartbroken. She remembered the very girl Mrs Silva came with on the very day she went to visit Chester.
“I thought he’s your classmate then why calling him your heart?” Maria continued. “Well, I’m sorry, he’s my own fiance”
“You heard me right”
Just then, Chester came out with just a towel round his waist. Meanwhile, Esther had cut the call with a broken heart.
“Who are you talking to with my phone?!” Chester grabbed the phone from Maria to check the last caller. “Oh my God, don’t tell me you picked Esther’s called!” he shouted but Maria kept quiet. He called Esther again severally but she didn’t pick up. “What did you tell her?!” he asked angrily.
“I thought, she’s your classmate” Maria replied.
“And so?”
“And i told her what she needed to know”
“My goodness! I swear if i lose this girl you won’t like what i will do to you! Now, get out of my apartment!”
Maria stood up. She wanted to calm him down with a romantic touch and voice but he pushed her away.
“I said leave!”
“Well, we shall see how your mum will feel about this” Maria went out.
“I don’t care, you can tell my mum anything!” Chester concluded angrily and banged the door closed, then called Esther again.
Esther sat in her small bed with her legs stretched forward shedding tears seriously. She actually believed what Maria said because it sounded so real. “How can Chester do this to me?!” she cried and glanced at her phone which was ringing then she picked up…
Tochi was now a graduate waiting for her result. She was at their backyard trying to left up a big bucket of water alone wearing a leggings and a black top. Suddenly, she heard a female voice coming out through the passage then turned sharply and shouted, “Linda!” she hugged her. “I can’t believe you came all the way from your house to see me!”
“What are friends for” Linda replied smiling. She wore a short jean skirt with a yellow top. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“My dear, I’m trying to left up this big bucket of water”
“Yes nah”
“It seems like you want to break your small waist for Wisdom” she said and they laughed. “Oya, let me help you”
“Chai, thank you oh. You were my protector in school, now you are my helper at home. What would i have done without you?”
“Abeg, let’s carry this thing! Ibiakwala. Small thing now you will start crying” Linda replied and they laughed again before she helped her out.
“Esther please, don’t mind whatever Maria told you” Chester sounded on the phone. “We aren’t doing anything, even dating” he added.
“Then how come she was in your apartment? You never told me you would be travelling with a girl. Now, i believe she’s your fiance”
“No, she’s not, believe me!”
“I don’t believe you anymore, Chester” Esther cut the call in tears…


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