The unexpected love season 2 episode 32

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 32
Mr Thompson’s house, Linda’s father was a
bungalow but well furnished and designed.
He was a local business man who had
closed connections with men of integrity.
One could see electric light bulbs shone all
over the compound and darkness that took
over distance places. The flowers in front of
the compound rattled together by an
unseen force making it looks like the dead
were about to come among the living. Linda
laid quietly asleep in her room. The room
didn’t have enough materials in it except
her clothing and bed. She was covered with
a blanket but one could see her breast
standing upright. Suddenly, she began to
move her legs gently and shook her head
reluctantly with her mouth moving. The act
continued until tears began to drop from
her eyes. One could als hear her murmuring
in a dream..
Linda stood before Tochi knowing that she
was dead and couldn’t move or touch her.
Both were in tears crying seriously.
“The world is so wicked” Tochi began
crying. “I will miss you so much, Linda”
“No, please, don’t leave me”
“But i cannot stay. I can’t live among the
“Then take me with you”
“No, stay and fight for me” blood rushed out
from her mouth. “Please, take care of
Wisdom for me. Tell him i will always love
him even in death” she began to walk into
the darkness.
“No!” Linda shouted and wanted to move
but couldn’t. “Tochi come back! I promise to
always protect you!” she cried.
Tochi looked back at her in tears and blood
all over her. She waved at her and
disappeared into the darkness.
“Noooo!” Linda shouted awake and found
tears all over her face then began to cry
physically after she tried Tochi’s number but
was switched off. “What is the meaning of
this dream?” she murmured in tears.
Mr Santo’s house, Kingsley’s father was also
a bungalow but wasn’t furnished like
Linda’s. There was no electricity which gave
everywhere a completes darkness. One
could feel the grasses dangling by an
unknown force. Suddenly, a gentle wind
began to blow. Kingsley laid face down in
his bed moving his legs and tears dropping
from his eyes too-he was dreaming..
He stood far away from Linda who wore
white gown bleeding from her mouth and
crying bitterly.
“Linda, stay with me, please”
“I’m sorry my love i can’t. The world is so
wicked. Please, don’t cry for me but be
“Take me with you”
“No, you have a better life to fulfil” she
began to walk away. She looked back and
waved at him then disappeared into the
“Nooo!” Kingsley shouted and woke up in a
hurry. He could see himself sweating nd
shedding tears. The father, who heard his
voice knocked at his door.
“Who is there?” Kingsley asked.
“Is your father, son. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine Daddy”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Daddy”
Mr Santo went back into his room then
Kingsley stood up and looked through the
window. He couldn’t see anything but
darkness, so he gradually closed it and laid
awake thinking about the dream.
Vivian had planned her evil act. She was only
waiting for the time to click 4:00pm after
calling Wisdom and told him that she wasn’t
having issues with Tochi or him anymore
which got Wisdom surprised. She went into
the kitchen to meet her mother wearing a
bumbshort and a handles top.
“My darling, you really made me proud. I
can’t believe you are going to London on a
“Believe it Mum! When is Daddy coming back
from his trip?”
“I don’t know my dear, that reminds me, you
said you are throwing a party with your
friends today”
“Yes, Mummy”
“But remember that you have a result to
“That isn’t a problem, mummy”
“Okay, make sure you have fun”
Vivian went back to her room to call Wisdom
again because she actually enjoys hearing
his happy voice.
Mrs Desmond had never been so happy like
the way she was since the previous day. All
the neighbourhood heard her voice when
Tochi delivered the good news to her. Now,
she was in the kitchen preparing food when
Linda entered.
“Good evening, Mama” she greeted.
“Ehen, my daughter. How are you?”
“I’m fine, Mama”
“I can see the way you dressed. I hope you
are going to the same party my daughter
told me about.
“Yes, Mama, where is she?”
“I’m here” Tochi came out looking beautiful
in a black leggings. “Let’s go” she added.
“Make una have fun oh, but remember not
to come back late!” Mrs Desmond shouted.
On their way following the address. Linda
occasionally glanced at Tochi who always
reminded her of the dream she had. Tochi
didn’t notice any sign of sadness in her. As
they wanted to cross the main road, Linda
shouted, “Wait!”
“What?!” Tochi asked.
“Are you not seeing a vehicle coming?”
“Haaa, my protector. Keep protecting me
“The Lord is with you” Linda replied and
they giggled. “Don’t worry, i will always
safeguard you, God has made it 2 be so” she
added and they crossed successfully..

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