The unexpected love season 2 episode 5

The unexpected love season 2 episode 5

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 5
Mrs Caleb, Wisdom’s mother danced around the house with half a wrapper. As she danced, she sang a victorious song. The compound was swept neatly. One could see the mark of the broom on the ground making a curved shape.
“Truly my son is wisdom itself!” Mr Caleb came out. He wore a black trouser and a white traditional shirt with a walkingstick in his hand. “He is truly a son of his father! Who would have believed that my son will school abroad? Hey! My God is alive!” he began to walk out making use the walkingstick. He suddenly turned to his dancing wife and asked. “Where is Wisdom?”
“He has gone to see a friend” the wife replied and continued her dance. She shook her waist vigorously in a brown wrapper with her face upward. “God has put my enemies to shame oh!” she shouted in conclusion.
Tochi just came back from school. She kept her bag and went to the backyard but didn’t see anyone. She wore a bumshort and a top which didn’t cover up her stomach. One could see her fresh skin body and thighs.
“Mama!” she shouted and walked inside the kitchen but didn’t see her. Before she turned, she saw Wisdom standing at the door smiling seriously. “Wisdom?” she called and moved closer.
Wisdom came down and gave her a tight hug to her surprise.
“Guess what?” he said.
“I can’t guess, what is it?!” Tochi was curious looking into his eyes smiling.
“My waec was withheld few days ago when it officially came out but i didn’t want to tell you. Mr Anuma and i went to waec office and they told me to defend my result because i made As in all my papers which was actually the reason why it was withheld. But after i defended it, they relieved it!”
Tochi shouted in a loud voice and hugged him slightly. “You mean you got all your 9 subjects As?” she asked.
“Oh God, I’m so happy for you!”
“It didn’t end there oh” Wisdom said and Tochi remained quiet to hear him out.
“Because of that, i was given a scholarship to study abroad!” Wisdom added and Tochi jumped on him with a loud shout to the extent he nearly fell…
Melody rushed back from a cyber cafe to their house with a paper. She wore a jean trouser and a fairy top. Her hair dangled around her face when she entered.
“Mummy!” she shouted.
“What is it!” the mother came out from her room.
“Mummy, i passed my exam!” she handed the paper to her.
“Hey!” Mrs Smith shouted looking at the paper. “See oh, A, C, C, B… You have done well my daughter” she hugged her. “God i thank you oh!” she concluded with her hands up.
“Mummy, can i make use of your phone?” Melody requested.
“Yes! Don’t even worry, i will buy you a phone tomorrow”
“Hey! Thank you Mummy!”
Melody took the phone into her room and dialed Edwin’s number. The number rang without response, then she became sad. She dialed it again hoping to hear someone’s voice. “Please, pick up” she murmured.
“Hello” a male voice said from the other side of the phone.
“Please, is this Edwin?”
“Is Melody”
“Wow, so happy to hear from you!”
“Guess what? I made my waec!”
“Wow, Congratulations!”
“Thank you. And you?”
“Of course past my waec and jamb, trust me”
“Congratulations! Even me too”
“When can i see you?”
“We will talk about that tomorrow, by then, i have my own phone!”
“Wow, i can’t wait. Bye”
Melody ended the call and jumped on the bed happily.
Mrs Godwim, Esther’s mother opened the door and found Chester standing with a laptop.
“Good day, ma’am” he greeted.
“Good day, come in. You must be looking for Esther”
Esther came out and smiled at him. She gave him a seat and sat with him while the mother entered.
“Why are you with a laptop?” Esther asked.
“To check your result”
“Really? Have you checked yours?”
“Yes, and i passed” he replied without looking her as he put on the laptop”
Esther’s heart began to beat when Chester started the procedure. Even her mother came out when she was told what was going on. She couldn’t wait to see her daughter’s result. She could also see how Esther glanced at Chester sometimes. After few minutes, the result displayed.
“Oh my God!” Chester exclaimed.
“What is it?” Esther asked.
“You failed”
“Ehn?!” the mother stood up from her seat.
“Please, ma’am, I’m joking. She passed” Chester said with smiles showing the result to Esther and her mother who rejoiced and thanked him very much.
Tochi suddenly became sad and sat on a small stool. Of course Wisdom had an idea of her sadness so he squat down and grabbed her hands.
“I know what troubles you, i know how you feel but i assure you that no one will take your place in my heart”
Tochi remained quiet. Wisdom could see her eyes wet with tears and her chest pumping up and down in fear.
“Wisdom, I’m afraid” Tochi said.
“You have no reason to be afraid”
“What will be my hope? Will i ever see you again? What do you expect me to do when you are finally gone?”
As Wisdom was still looking for the right response, Mrs Desmond returned…


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