The unexpected love season 2 episode 7

The unexpected love season 2 episode 7

February 24, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 7
The assembly ended as usual. As the students moved into their classes, Mr Anuma sighted Jennifer and Calista coming without a uniform. He placed his hands inside his pocket and adjusted his eyeglass as a way of being ready to talk about something very important. He was always on voluminous clothes with big shoes which made students sometimes wonder if the grammars were loaded there.
“Mbakwe and Jacob!” Mr Anuma called and they ran to him giggling. Both wore the same jean trouser and red top.
“Good morning sir” they greeted.
“Do i need to remind both of you that you are no longer the students of this school?”
“Sir, why?” Calista asked.
“Because there is nothing connecting you and this school again”
“Sir is unfair nah. What about our result?” Jennifer asked.
“Sir, that’s the reason why we are even here oh” Calista added.
“Your result is online, not yet in school!”
“Hey!” they shouted and ran out then Mr Anuma smiled.
Principal’s office had no duplicate. It was exceptional nd magnificent. One could see a refrigerator and a computer on the table. Pictures of president Muhammandu Buhari and governor of the state hung on the wall. The principal looked at the woman before him her daughter and asked, “What can i do you for?”
“Actually, this is my daughter, i want her registered in this school” the woman replied.
The principal looked at the girl, he could see how classic and irresponsible she was by chewing a gum in his presence.
“Please, spit out that thing in your mouth. It shows unseriousness and irresponsibility!” Mr Nelson told her bitterly before she transferred it to her hand.
“Would you apologize to him?!” the mother shouted at her.
“I’m sorry sir” she said with a low voice.
“Please, pardon her, sir”
“What’s your name?” Mr Nelson asked her.
“I’m Vivian Luster”
“Okay” the principal registered her and summoned Tochi in the office. Vivian looked at her when she entered and she wondered who she was.
“Please, take Vivian to your class, she’s a green horn” the principal instructed Tochi.
“Okay, sir” she replied smartly. “Please, follow me” she told Vivian, so they began walked into the class looking like sisters with the same height.
“Who are you?” Vivian asked Tochi.
“I’m a student” she replied.
“Of course i know you are a student! I mean what’s your name?!”
Tochi became surprise hearing the pressure from her voice as if they were quarrelling, then she smiled.
“You have to slow down, we aren’t arguing” she replied.
“Did i say we are arguing?” Vivian asked but Tochi remained quiet until both walked into the class and everybody stared at them.
“Make use of that locker for today but when coming tomorrow make sure you come with your locker and a uniform too” Tochi told Vivian and went to her seat with her face bent downward.
As Jennifer and Calista went to a cyber cafe to check their results Wisdom was in his room quietly thinking about what the future will give. He wore only a singlet and a boxer lying in the bed with his face up. “What will happen to Tochi if i leave?” he began to think. “Probably she will become a big girl before i come back. But can she really wait for me? Oh God, i can’t afford to lose her. What am i going to do?”
“Akonauche” the father interrupted him and pushed the door opened. “You are here in this mood again. Can you talk to me what your problem is?”
“Daddy, i have no problem” he replied without looking at him.
“The troubles of the heart can only be solved when spoken with the mouth”
Wisdom thought of his father’s statement then sat up on the bed. “Daddy” he called. “Can a distance separate two friends?”
“Hmm, my son, many distance friendships or relationships get devastated when the two partners are not close to the heart”
“What do you mean Daddy?”
“Only two people who are close to the heart and have the same mindset even trust each other can have a distance friendship without separation”
Wisdom stared at his father giving a thought on his inspirational words.
“Who is this your friend you are talking about?” the father asked him before he realised himself.
“My school friend, Daddy”
“A male or female?”
“Hum.. Daddy, she is.. I mean he is a male”
“Okay, don’t bother yourself about that”
“Okay, Daddy” Mr Caleb went out.
The road leading to Calista and Jennifer’s house was wide and cleared. One could see people passing with foodstuffs and other items. Jennifer and Calista walked briskly on the road with papers in their hands.
“I never knew you are such an intelligent girl to pass your waec at once” Calista told Jennifer.
“Do you think I’m as dull as you are?” she boasted.
“Are you sure your mother’s charm is not behind it?”
“Nkita rachakwagi anya ebe-ahu!” Jennifer abused her in igbo language and walked angrily forward leaving her behind.
“I’m sorry oh! Forgive me!” Calista pursued her. “I guess my own mother’s charm made me to pass too” she added.
“Thank God you know” Jennifer replied smiling..


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