The unexpected love season 2 episode 8

The unexpected love season 2 episode 8

February 24, 2017 The unexpected love season 2
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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 8
Students began to make use of their money making sure they don’t go against the school rules and regulations. Tochi wasn’t seen sitting at a spot again because she had a responsibility on her shoulder. It was obvious that she wasn’t looking happy and Linda was about to find out why. To her surprise she met her sitting at the back of the classroom alone when she suppose to be on duty. She crossed her legs forward making sure her attractive thighs weren’t visible.
“You have been like this throughout today. What is going on?” Linda stood before her. “Is it because of Wisdom’s trip to abroad?”
“I’m scared, Linda” Tochi raised her head up. “I believe he will forget me if he finally travel and everything will scatter”
Linda remained quiet and sat beside her. As she raised up her head, she saw Vivian through the Window looking at them. Tochi followed her eyes and saw her too.
“I don’t trust that girl” Linda said.
“You mean..”
“The new girl”
“She looks rude to me” Linda replied but Tochi didn’t say a word and bent her head again.
“Listen my dear” Linda continued. “I understand how you feel about Wisdom’s trip. I don’t trust men too but it depends on what you both agree together. Will you keep yourself for him until he returns?”
“What if after waiting and he disappoints me?”
“That’s another problem. Or would you prefer a blood covenant with him?”
Tochi turned sharply looking at Linda when she heard that. She wanted to reply but Kingsley’s presence interrupted her.
“Hello, Tochi” he said with his hands inside his pocket but Tochi kept quiet. “Linda, can i have a word with her privately” Kingsley requested.
“As what?” Linda frowned her face.
“As my head-girl”
“I’m not going anywhere!”
“Is okay, Linda” Tochi told her before she went out leaving both of them, then Kingsley quietly sat with her.
“What troubles you my dear?” he asked.
“Nothing” Tochi threw a way her face.
“Don’t pretend because is obvious. Wisdom is leaving you”
“Don’t talk about him, please”
“Okay, but i will always be here for you”
“And what does that mean?” Tochi asked looking at him. She stood up instantly and walked away. Kingsley could see her shaking her buttocks.
Mr Silva, Chester’s father walked down the stairs which leads to the sittingroom. He was a huge and tall man with a big stomach. The sittingroom was modernized with golden materials. Chester sat on the cushion watching cartoon because that’s one of his favourite television programme. He changed it immediately when his father came down.
“Chester, you are watching cartoon again. Are you a baby?” the Father asked then he smiled. “Why did you change it?”
“Nothing Dad”
“I know why, so that i won’t call you a baby”
“You got me, Dad” they laughed then Mr Silva sat down.
“Where do you want to school?”
“In Nigeria, Dad”
“Why Nigeria?”
“Because is my country”
“Is okay then” the father went out. Few minutes later, Mrs Silva, the mother drove in with a classic looking girl. When they opened the parlour door Chester stood up and welcome his mother.
“Sit down, darling” Mrs Silva told the girl then went upstairs with Chester.
“Mum, where are you from?” Chester asked.
“I don’t think that should be the rightful question. The question should be; Who’s the girl down stairs?”
“Come on, Mum!” they smiled. Just then, Chester heard his phone ringing downstairs. He ran down and picked the call with a slight glance at the girl who also couldn’t stop admiring him.
“Hello, who is this?” Chester asked.
“Is me Esther!”
“Esther!” Chester exclaimed happily and went outside when he noticed he was disturbing the girl who she apologized for being noisy before going out.
“I now have my own phone!” Esther shouted on the phone.
“Wow, I’m so happy for you!”
“Thank you”
“Can i come over to your house?”
“Of course!”
“Alright, on my way” Chester cut the call and hurried inside to get dressed up but met his Mum coming downstairs who told him to sit down and he sat on a different chair looking at his mum and sometimes glanced at the girl.
“Son?” the mother began. “This is Maria, a daughter of Henry one of the ministers”
“Hi, welcome” Chester told Maria.
“Thank you” she replied. Her voice was as sweet and beautiful as she was. She wore a red long gown with Golden necklace, ear-ring, wrist watch and high-heel shoes. She hand an attractive fair complexion which no man can hardly resist.
“She will be schooling abroad, so i brought her here so that you both will know each other since you will be schooling abroad too. Don’t you think is a good idea” Mr Silva asked her son.
“Hum.. Mum.. I thought we have talked about this before. I want to school here in Nigeria”
“No son, i disagree with you”
“Why do you want to do a such thing?” Maria asked looking at Chester who gave her attention but suddenly to his Mum. He wanted to speak again but his phone rang-Esther was calling…


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