Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 27

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ME: I’m coming please
****within the speed of light, sikirat was wearing her cloths, I put on my 3-quarter and singlet after removing the condom and threw under the matress*****
JANET: open this door or are you hiding someone?
ME: I’m coming,
JANET: hurry up and let me see who owns these slippers at your door mouth .
” Chaiii, kasala don burst, I intended hiding sikirat in the bathroom before but its too late, janet is an impatient girl who will search the whole house most especially as she found a slippers at the entrance. Sikirat was trembling and shivering seriously as I was going to the door, I held the handle of the door while still locked from inside. “Push it from outside” I said.
JANET: its not opening, or are you hiding someone? I signalled to sikirat to spray the air freshener, spread books on the floor and sit down on the rug as if she was solving exercise.
That’s the only thing I can do as at that moment, I rubbed my chest as a sign that she should calm down and act along. My heart was beating heavily as I opened the lock behind the door for janet to enter.
JANET: whaaaaaat!!!!!, our maid in my boyfriend’s room?, what is going on here?
Sikirat: ***trembling and shaking**, no ma. Its not what you think ma.
ME: **** I stood in-between janet and sikirat to prevent combat**,
I can explain to u janet, its not what you think.
JANET: ****loosing patience and restless***. Ok, go ahead and explain to me how you have been sleeping around with this dirty girl, our maid for that matter. onihaxy, so your are this useless and classless?.
ME: **i faced janet as sikirat was standing at the edge of the wall***.janet, please listen to me, its not what you think, sikirat here only begged me to help her in arithmetic lessons and infact, today was her first session, you can see books spread on the floor. Plsss
JANET: arithmetic abi ?, and you can’t do it openly with her in our compound abi , and you locked yourself inside with her that I have been knocking for the past 5minutes , arithmetic abi? And you sprayed air freshener and even increased your sound system?. You think I’m a fool? “Gbooooosa”, she slapped sikirat.
ME: ***frightened as sikirat was crying****. Janet plss, you know I loved playing music, and also, I should have informed you about the lesson idea but you might not welcome it. I just wanted to impact on her life positively and that was why I agreed to tutor her please.
JANET: ehn ehnn, you think I’m a fool?, no wonder she comes back late from market all the time, so this is where you always come to for a Bleep abi? “Gbooosa” another slap on sikirat’s
ME: ****i held janet and moved her far away from sikirat*** sikirat was crying helplessly. “Janet, you are just dragging this issue too far, I’m only helping her and that’s all.
JANET: ****still wailing and shouting restlessly***. No problem, mummy will hear about this I swear. As for you sikirat, consider yourself in serious trouble. And for you onihaxy, your job is over I swear.
Janet walked out of the room, banged the door and left, I turned to sikirat trying to console her.

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