Throwback Thursday : Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 32

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I was so scared. All my life that I had been F*¢king, I have always been careful of the unknown, it was the first time in my life of getting a lady pregnant.

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Madam would kill me if she finds out, janet was even young for marriage, and I don’t even have a job to start a family. All through the day, I was restless and scared. I chat with janet on what we are to do next and she told me abortion is not an option as she had been warned by her pastor not to abort any pregnancy otherwise she would die. “Temi-bami”, I couldn’t sleep all through the night and I grew lean before the second day. At a point in my thoughts, I felt like running away from akure. But where would I run to that madam will not find me.
While I was disturbed, janet called me to ask of what will happen to the pregnancy, she was even crying on the phone and this got me scared the more. I begged her to let us go for an abortion but she kept rejecting the idea. She kept repeating the death prophesy been given to her by her pastor.
****chaiii, wetin I go do?, ****, i
I contact my badoo friends who have been long in the arbortion ministry, I was given an advice to get her a particular drug. The problem now is that, how do I convince this girl to take a drug?
On the second day, I called her to come over to visit me in the evening and she agreed. I followed my friend’s plans, I bought a biter lemon juice and then grind the drugs into powder and dissolved it in the juice. I mixed it to form a perfect solution, covered it back and placed it in the fridge.
I arranged my room properly to avoid any suspicion but my heart was beating heavily deep down inside me. I began to ask myself questions.
“What if she dies?”
“What if her womb got damaged?”.
“What if it leads to complication?”.
“What if madam finds out?”.
At a point, I felt like aborting my evil plans but the evil man inside of me keep saying “onihaxy!!, fire on, nothing dey happen”.
At the evening of the day, janet arrived. I welcomed her and she sat on the bed. She was looking depressed and sad as she sat down. ****sex no even dey my mind at all******.

ME: jane my love, how are you?

JANET: I’m not fine, let’s go straight to the point, what are we going to do next?
ME: I only have one suggestion ****pointing a finger up******
JANET: if its about abortion, just forget it.
ME: why?
JANET: you are asking me again?, didn’t I told you that I was warned not to abort, otherwise I would die?
ME: calm down, let me entertain you first. *****i went to the fridge, opened the bitter lemon juice bottle, placed a straw into it and gave it to janet****
JANET: ****sipping the drink****, this thing is bitter, why not buy viju or lacasera?
ME: I just prefer this one recently, it doesn’t contain sugar that can cause diabetes or low sperm count **yinmu***
JANET: low sperm count?, after causing a trouble, you are still talking about sperm? ****continued sipping the drink****
ME: I’m sorry dear.
JANET: sorry for what?, and I warned you that day not to pour inside oo. But you wouldn’t listen.
ME: I’m sorry dear. I didn’t know I dropped anything inside.
JANET: ****finished the drink*** so I’m listening, what do we do next because arbortion is not an option here.
ME: ****satisfied after she finished the drink…..see this mumu girl, arbortion wey don start already.**** ok dear, what would happen is that, let me think of a solution, I will give you feedback when next I visit your house.
JANET: better
Janet left my room and I saw her off. I returned to my room with a mixed feelings of happiness for successful mission and fear of what will happen thereafter.

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