Throwback Tuesday. Sex robbery and delivery service. EPISODE 21.

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************************************ It was monday morning. I was given breakfast, the look on their eyes was scary as usual. At 9am, the leader called on his boys and mobilized them into the other room, they were discussing how to carry out today’s mission, how to arrange the kidnap, how I would be released and who would follow me to get the parcel. After about 50minutes of their discussion which I overhead, the leader came into the room where I was tied. I was so scared to look into his eyes. My eyes were soaked in tears and fear. I bowed down my head as he walked closer to me after shutting the door. He pulled a chair and sat in front of me and started a conversation.

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LEADER: ****pulled up my head*** mr delivery, I have a good news for you and also a bad news at the same time.

ME: **scared*** sir

LEADER: yes. The bad news is that Femi called on your phone and threatened to kill you at sight.

ME: **** panting**** I’m doomed.

LEADER: and the good news is that we would release you and capture him before he made any attempts to hurt. You.

ME: thank you sir

LEaDER: but there is one last task you would have to do

ME: ok sir

LEadER: ******he told me the same thing they planned behind me, about how my girlfriend would be kept in custody, about how I would go to work on tuesday with one of them and hand the parcel over to him then my girlfriend would be released. He told me how adenike would be killed if I compromised him*****

. ME: ** nodded in fear*** ok sir.

LEADER: ***patted me on the back**** good boy. ME: thank you sir

LEaDER: if you failed us again this time, you will loose another girl friend and eventually loose your own life

. ME: ok sir. **in fear**** He stood up and went out to chat with other guys while a guy is left inside with me.  Before 4pm, I had pick 4 calls from my colleagues at work and from my neighbours at home. They enquired about my disappearance and I told them I travelled, my colleagues even told me that my boss had threatened to sack me if he didn’t get any call from me.  At few minutes past 3pm, I was getting more scared, and my heart was beating faster as the whole team were inside the room with me and prepared for adenike to call me about her coming. I over heard the leader telling one of the guys to compose a text from my phone to adenike telling her I wasn’t at home and I that I would send a friend to pick her up from the garage when she reached akure. I began to think of the risk I was getting myself into. I began to think about the lies I told concerning the parcel, I began to think of what would happen if they all found out that I lied to them. At few minutes to 5pm, adenike hasn’t called. Her number was dialled from by phone by the guys, but when she picked, she said she hasn’t departed from her home town but she would be in akure that night. At around 6:00pm, her number was unreachable, only for her to call me at 7:05pm, the green button was pressed, placed on loudspeaker as usual. ME: hello baby, where are you?, why has your number be unreachable?

ADENIKE: hi dear, I’m sorry, I just wanted to surprise you buy not calling so as to find out if you aren’t keeping any girl at home, I’m now in akure and in your room presently. ME: my room?, **i remembered she had a spare key***

ADEniKE: yeah, so where are you?, I was told you had been away since saturday afternoon.

ME: ***i raised up my head to look at the guys***its true. I went to hang around with my friends because I was scared to stay at home after the robbery incident.** stammering***

ADENiKE: which of your friends?, are you sure you are ok?

ME: ***i looked at the guys in their face, they all frowned at me*** you don’t know him, he is a new friend. I’m fine dear, just feeling sick

ADENIKE: anyways, come back home, I’m waiting for you. I have missed you so much dear. That reminds me, I also brought the ENVELOPE you brought from your office on Thursday and left at my place.

ME : *****mouth opened wide, I couldn’t talk as the guys looked at one another’s face.****. The phone was hanged up and the leader looked at me with a very scary look, he pulled out his gun and walked closer to me. He placed the gun on my forehead and he said, “so you lied to me abi?. mr delivery, you are already a DEAD MAN”. ************************************

To be continued…..
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