Tormented . episode 3

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Episode three

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Before Steven could speak, one of the teachers took over
“ma’am, there was a fire outbreak in the male hostel so as the fire got to his room, he tried escaping from the window, he jumped down the building from the second floor and landed on his arm” he said quickly.. “he only twisted his elbow ”
“you call it ONLY cause u don’t know how much my children mean to me.. “Esther said angrily as she said on top of her voice.  The principal noticed and hurried to the scene.
Martins held his wife close and hugged her
“sir I’m sorry if Your child suffered any injury ” the principal said in a really sad tone. “I apologize on behalf of the school… Many parents have already vowed not to bring their children here again, please I plead With you not to do the same “she said as hot tears stream down her eyes.
“madam, it’s OK. “Martins assured her with a smile. “God is in control of everything ”
She smiled back feeling more relieved.
Martins left with his wife and son.
“what even caused the fire? “Esther wondered as they journeyed home. She caressed her belly gently. Steven was fast asleep as he laid in the back seat.
“could this have been the revelation of Esther’s dream? Could it have been that the baby was Steven and the escape was him jumping off the window? Martins drove overshadowed  in his thoughts .
They finally got home. Martins  carried Steven and took him inside. He placed him on one of the couches.
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ” Steven screamed so loud. His dislocated arm was placed wrongly. He began to wail in pain.
“Stevie, I’m sorry ” Martins quickly adjusted him. He was still wailing quietly before he calmed down and slept again.
Esther sat close to him and rubbed his head,running her fingers through his curly hair. He was slim and tall. A bit taller than a child of age eleven. He took his dimples from his mother. He was light skinned as both of his parents were also. He had a space between his teeth. He was a replica of his mother. Esther smiled as she watched him sleep peacefully. Soon she laid on the  extension of the couch and dozed off.

“madam, take it easy, u won’t lose your baby, ” The dark skinned nurse attending to her said as she tried to calm her down.
“I can’t take it anymore, it’s coming!!!!!! “Esther said in pain.
Soon other nurses, arrived with a doctor, then she was attended to. She began to push. Hours passed  the baby head came out but got stuck so the doctor tried to bring the baby out.
Suddenly, the doctor got angry and turned into the black creature and the nurses too.
Esther saw this and immediately hindered her baby from coming out.
“leave me alone, leave my baby alone!!! “she screamed.. She trembled in fear wondering how to escape with the baby’s head stuck in between her legs.
“you can’t escape, the baby is ours “the black creature said laughing wickedly. She managed to kick the creature causing it to fall back on the others.  She quickly stood up and held the baby’s head and gently run away. She quickly hid in one of the closet where drugs where kept


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