A story by tunery04.


Femi cont’d

As the bottle landed on his head, he became dazed with a resounding long sound in his head, still trying to recover, he heard the sound of another bottle smashing and cutting open his head, he could feel his blood gushing out of on different openings on his head, he tried to block and stop the blood with his palm, but he couldn’t, the holes were just too much.

As he was bleeding, he became weak and fell to the floor, he tried moving himself away from the road but he couldn’t so he just lay down on the floor waiting for someone to help him.

Minutes later another group of machete bearing boys passed he could see that they were the NURTW boss boys, his eyes were blurry, but he could still manage to see some of them. They got to where he was and said ‘ dem don chop femi finally, they make our job easier, that’s minus one on our list’ the walk passed him while one of them decided to add to his woes by hitting him with a plank and totally knocking him out.

Even though his allegiance was with the RTEAN, Femi had sought peace with every faction in the garage. His peaceful lifestyle made him a popular figure among the unions and his popularity was becoming a threat to some leaders in the garage especially the NURTW boss.

Femi was breathing his last, it was getting darker and he could feel life draining out of him, he saw his mum standing on a lonely path shaking her head at him waving him to go back, he ran towards her direction, but she kept moving farther from him, all of a sudden he couldn’t see her again, he looked around and saw a beach right in front of him, he walked towards the beach and there he saw this lady lying Unclad on the beach, he looked closely at her, her face was familiar but he couldn’t place it, then she called his name ‘Femi’. He was shocked, he looked at her again and he still couldn’t remember were he knew her, she stood up, place a kiss on his lips, pulled his shorts, and pushed him to the ground. As he hit the ground, he found himself back at his secondary school, at Igbo ogede precisely, that was when he remembered the lady was the one he met when he was brought there by Kasali, he was on the floor and this lady laid on him inserting his dick into her punny and was fuccking him with the missionary style she placed are hands on the floor beside his head using it as a support to go up and down, she will roll his diicck in her Kitty-Cat at times and will pause and look at his emotionless face at intervals.

She then changed her position sitting on his diccckk, with her hand rubbing his chest and her head tilted backwards she was grinding him slowly and moaning at the same time. Femi on the other hand didn’t know what he was feeling, it was just normal as if nothing was happening.

Suddenly there was a heavy thunder and it seems that makes the speed of the lady increase, she was digging her hole faster and moaning loudly, then it began to rain.

As the rain dropped on him, he felt a sharp pain in his heart which made him gasp for air, he raised up his head, saw a the lady on him with her head tilted backwards grinding has hard as she could, so he lifted up on of his hand and placed it on her breast, press hit a little hard, as he noticed that lady stopped abruptly, he removed his hand and returned to his former position. The lady looked at him, smiled seductively and continued hopping on him. The smile gave him the needed encouragement and he started handling the breast, circling around the Tips at interval, and pressing both boobs softly. The lady increased her pace and in few seconds she stops,whilst still tilting her head backwards.

Femi then saw his mother waving at him he tried reaching out to her with an outstretched arm but she disappeared into thin air.

There came another heavy thunder, and femi found himself at a very dark place, he tried to get up, but there was something resting it weight on him he discovered his hands where touching some soft big boobs, he continued playing with the boobs until he heard a the lady on him screaming..


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