Let’s have another gist today.

Ade is an accountant in a company, he has a friend whose name is bayo. They have been friends for several years.

One day, Bayo came to Ade to introduce him to a business, he told him that if they put 6 million nairaland into it, they would get 2 million nairaland profit in two weeks. Bayo told his friend that he had 1 million naira and begged Ade for a partnership.

They both agreed on a sharing formula and they signed an agreement.

Ade didn’t have enough and he manipulated his company account and siphoned 5 million from it with the expectation of returning it in two weeks time before the company would audit account as promised by his friend.

He gave the money to his friend and Bayo traveled out of the country immediately after receiving the money with no traces. He scammed his friend who trusted in him.

The company found out later and Ade was sent to 10 years imprisonment for fraud case.

Two years after finishing his jail term, he was invited to a church, on getting there, he was shocked to see that his friend scammed him back then is now a pastor. He had become born again and started a ministry.

His ministry is so honored and respected in the country that people always troop into the church for miracle and salvation.
Now, Ade is thinking of reporting his friend to the police since he still has the legal documents they both signed together, he also planned to expose his pastor friend on social media. But his family and friends are advising him to let go and forget about it since the person involved is now a man of God.

Ade needs your Advice, what should he do?.

If you are in his situation, what will you do?

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