The following day was Sunday. As usual, Titi would always call me early in the morning to remind of fellowship programme. Titi and I went to fellowship together. You remember the senior pastor I saw in Linda‘s hostel, He was the one preaching again that particular Sunday. I can’t really remember the topic again but I could remember he was talking about making heaven and he was also talking about living an everlasting life. Then he started counting the categories of sinners that wouldn’t enter the kingdom of God. He talked about fornicators and laid emphases on fornication, it was then that I now realized the hypocrisy of many Christians. He was talking about it like he was the holiest man in the world. How fornicators would perish in the lake of fire, how fornication would lead to abortion and how one could murder as a fornicator. It was time for altar call and I came out on purpose. He asked us to kneel down so that he could pray for us. He was about to say the last line of his prayer and he opened his eyes. I wasn’t closing my eyes from the beginning of his prayer he looked at me and I saw the guilt in his eyes. Only God knows who is serving him.
After the church service, I was keen to see Linda as she wasn’t picking my calls again after that incident that night. When she kissed me, I actually thought she had forgotten about the whole issue but when I called her and she didn’t pick, I started thinking what the problem could be. I left the fellowship with Titi and she promised to hang out with me in the evening. I told her I would be in night class and she promised to follow me.
It was quarter pass seven in the evening and I decided to call Linda again. This time, she picked and I was happy to know at least that she was fine. She told me not to call her again as she had decided to cut the tie now, She told me she gave me everything on a platter of gold but I blew everything up that previous night. I listen very carefully and I wasn’t really able to fathom out what my fault was. I cared too much about her, She was my best friend on campus, I was trying to see if she wasn’t in danger, I never really knew she was sleeping with the HOD. She told me I knew a lot of her secrets and it would be in the interest of both us to just end any relationship between us. I told her to see me in the night class that day but she told me she wouldn’t want to see me privately again. She told me we would always talk in class.
I didn’t know how much I felt about Linda until this latest development. Even though she was this kind of jezebel-like girl, I still have a place for her in my heart. All those atrocities I have seen her commit didn’t bother me. I just could not explain why I kept feeling like Linda meant the whole world to me. I know I would see her on Monday and I would still convince her that we should still be together. It was quarter to eight in the evening and my phone rang. It was Titi, She called me so that we would go night class together. I wanted to tell her I wouldn’t go again but I didn’t know the excuse I could give her. Linda’s issue hit me very hard that I didn’t want to do anything again that day. I went with her to the night class anyways.
We didn’t go straight to the classroom as we decided to take fresh air outside before we start our reading proper. Titi wasn’t in the same department with me and I was wondering why she would like to go to night class with me, I didn’t understand. I have prepared so hard even before now and I knew that if I didn’t read anything again that night I wouldn’t fail. Titi backside was causing commotion everywhere we passed that night. Girls no fit see make them no talk sha. We sat at the suya spot first, Titi wouldn’t want me to spend anything. That babe would be a good minister of finance sha, She bought suya of #200 for me and same amount for herself too. We gist about a lot of stuffs and she then asked me about Linda. I told her that I should be the one asking her not me. It was like she added salt to my injury. At that moment I wasn’t thinking about Linda and I was feeling good. Now that she reminded me, I started thinking about that good bitch again.
We moved away from that suya spot and purposely I took her to a place very dark like that and I knew she understood my game plan and she concur to all my game plans. We sat on the grass after I have checked everywhere and saw there was no reptile or whatsoever. I don’t trust those green snakes under the green grass. You go just hear for news the following day say one boy go sample him babe, him come rest in peace; LOL. I asked if she even had a boyfriend but it was like she didn’t want to talk about it. I was short of idea as I didn’t know where to start this game from. I knew she wanted something from me but you know naija girls, most of them like to be silent about their feelings. Well!, I have to make my move. I was like Titi, “I love this your jeans oo” while touching her a$$. What an orthodox method to start a romantic journey. It worked anyways, because she was expecting this move for ages. After all, all way leads to Rome. I didn’t remove my hand from her a$$ and she didn’t complain either and we went on from there.
I still didn’t know where to go from there, I didn’t ask her out and I didn’t want to but I wanted to enter her bond. Then I remember Shakespeare line “The villain never has taste of death but once”. I moved my hand to the upper region and I touched her boobs a bit and she didn’t say anything. Wao!!!, She turned and looked me in my eyes and smiled. She reach out to me and we started kissing. She wasn’t a good kisser which I knew before. I wasted no time, I wanted to do this thing once and for all. I went down and moved her pants downs. She knelt down and I was to give her from behind. “Omo this girl a$$ looked like olumo rock”. I couldn’t wait to go in there. I brought out my thing and I was about to go in when she dropped the bombshell; “where is your condom?” I scratched my head and couldn’t give a reply and I told her I didn’t have any with me. She told me she couldn’t have unprotected S€x. I thought she was joking initially but my Christian sister refused and put on her pant. “Sorry, can we go now?” was the last statement I heard from her.

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