seye: ore (my friend), it is nothing to worry about

Me: what do you mean?…what is not much to be worried about?…my wife is at the corner of heaven, you are telling me what is not, also my own life too is on the line….

Seye: don’t you trust me again?

Me: see Mr. Man…this is what you caused…….you must find solution before i loose my temper on you now.(eyes changed)

Seye: lol, you better calm down…if you know you can handle it yourself, then do your best……

Me: see, I have nothing upstair I can think of doing? So you should tell me what to do…….,…

Seye: can you imagine?…..ok. just follow anything i say

Me: ok. am all hears

Seye: you will go to the place as they requested

Me: haaaaaaa what are you saying? go there ke??? Do you want me to die????? Don’t you know they are planning to exchange me for fausa?????

Seye: i doubt it, its either they wanna make something silly to your wife in your presence or they want both of you to sex each other in public while they cover the scene to blackmail
you both……….

Me: how do you know their plans????

Seye: see this mumu, have I told you that I know anything about their plans????? Don’t you know gen sec was behind this?????? can’t you think for second?????????gen sec as already requested for such before, have you forgotten???

Me: ooooohhhhhh you are right my guy, gen sec
must be behind this as you said ooooo……………..please am scared, what can i do?

Seye: don’t worry, You will go there…….follow there will….but
before you follow any of their instructions…i will make a surprise attack with some gangs… ……..leave that for me… ……just go and leave the rest for me

Me: but who are you going to use? Are you in a cult?

Seye: alaye…..what kind of question is that??? Have you seen in me any before?

Me: ok ooo.. thanks my nigga….you are always rugged

Seye: who rugged???lol do you know the meaning of rugged???

Me: you now…ahbeg forget

………….. We ended up and seye went to bed while i sat on the chair still wondering about the condition that fausa is gonna be at that moment………. Is she gonna be confined with a rope around her waist on a chair? Or been attached to a tree? or kept inside an empty room suffering?????…God please help me oooooo.

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