Chapter 5

“Where love never ends” was not just a locution that stood ineffectual in Laraba town. It was a locution that apprized the cordial relationship between the werewolves and vampires. Being a small town that predominantly inhabited only supernatural which were the vampires and the werewolves. Nevertheless the werewolves patently dominated the vampires which were also referred to as the lamiae, but still the vampires were tolerated and were given so enough freedom to explore the town and that had flauntingly whelped out the love that was generated between the two groups.

Gliding through the dewed shrubs at early morning in Laraba was a very big wolf. The wolf was gracefully dashed with ineffably height that subdued the height of any human that stood six feet tall, it also possessed a very burly body. It skin color was purely white–even the whiteness of a drizzling snowfall could fade in contrariety to this wolf’s color. The wolf was so much adorable as well as pulchrous. For beauty travelled round it fur–even from the head down to it paws were spotless. It was no doubt the wolf was a king to it kind with the aura of supremacy and majesty tailing around it.

The king wolf was still scarpering through the thick dewed shrubs at the early morning when it saw something that pricked it attention. The King wolf had routinized it to always scarper through the forest every morning and there had never been a day it was accosted by such a shuddery scene. It stopped suddenly as it watched scene with qui vive.

In front of the wolf was a brumous-cloudy mist that formed something of an amoeba shape. This scary scene oozed weirdness out to King wolf– however, as weird and shuddery as it looked; King wolf stood glaringly undaunted. As a matter of fact the alarming sight of it goaded is attention more and more. He had stopped running now unless for few prowls it took that brought him to ten inches away to the scene. It intensified it look on the cloudy-mist then noticed something of human creature lurked inside it. The human creature was so gnomish on king wolf’s first sight, notwithstanding the more it intensified it stare at the gnomished sized creature the more the creature became larger taking on the proper human’s figure. However, as the creature’s gnomishness decreased the brumous-cloudy mist faded into a halo.

Now king wolf was still staring pessimistically at this creature that was preened in humeral veil, the human veil that pronounced creature some gauche erstwhile priest. His right hand held tightly to a very long staff that could be likened to the one father Moses made use of during his time. His left hand was enjoying idleness, while his feet could not been seen as it looked like creature was floated in mid-air and the cloud forming a halo around him had covered his feet.

“Arcoven I have a message for you” creature’s voice rang out like fracas between two famished mutt fighting over bones. “You need to transform now” His voice ended with a tinge of command.

King wolf didn’t care or even if it did it had kept it in check as it only responded with a low growls– it squirmed and writhed for some seconds before it head started taking the form of human. It large paws fluxed with it forefeet then it changed to human’s shoulder. Same procedure happened to it hind feet; they fluxed and changed to human’s leg. It hind likewise extended taking human’s spinal cord. In seconds, king wolf had transformed into a very beautiful lady. Luciana Arcoven; the alpha to all the werewolves that dominated Laraba town.

“Who are you and what do you want from me” Alpha Arcoven asked while trying to hide her stark nakedness. Beauty was screaming loudly on her. Her beauty could send an ugly woman on suicide mission. Alpha Arcoven Luciana was adorable just like her wolf.

“I’m Thalia the messenger of Zedicus. Also the seer that dwell in the middle of heaven and earth. I’m here to deliver to you a prophesy”

“And who is Zedicus”

“Zedicus is the god of Mountain and destiny. He was the first werewolf on earth before he was turned into a god by crimson moon.” Thalia explained while Luciana nodded. The tale her mother told her when she was a toddler about the crimson and god of mountain and destiny started trudging in. Her mother had explained how powerful the crimson moon was and how it turned Lukas Zedicus; the first human that was born a powerful werewolf but out of carelessness he was transformed into god which against his wish. Her mother had warned her to always take proper cautions during the night of the crimson moon because it has always been dangerous to werewolf kind.

“So what prophecy do you have for me seer ?” She asked Thalia who seemed to enjoy flaunting his gapped dentition that flashed a glimpse of how beautiless his face was.

“You need to be careful Arcoven. A time is coming when a great war will surface between the Lamiae and the Larabas. The survival of each kind depend solely on you and a stranger that is about to enter the town this minute. This stranger that is about to enter the town has been destined to have a child that will destroy the future of werewolf kind. With her will a great hybrid be born, a seed that will be the last hope of the vampires. Ryan Jericho would be the father of this powerful hybrid that is yet to be born.

Likewise the same goes to you. You will give birth to a very powerful werewolf daughter. She will also be the last sentinel and the very last hope of the werewolf kind. The future of the Laraba greatly depends on her shoulder. You need to do all you can to protect this seed. The survival of Laraba rests on her shoulder” Thalia the seer explained.

“What ? What are you saying ? No one is killing anybody. The Lamiae and the Larabas are never enemies so how dare you speak such manner seer” Arcoven said with a gesturing that stated everything Thalia said was just a glib talk that didn’t hold any iota of truth. According to her, the Lamiae are fleeceable and they didn’t look like they could hurt a fly.

“I’m not here to banter words Arcoven. I’m here to deliver a prophecy to you and it is your own interest to hearken to it. The Lamiae are not what you think they are. Be watchful and vigilant” Thalia said in a slightly raised tone.

“Ok. Thank you” she muttered having no other option than to believe what the seer said.

“I’m going to deliver the same prophecy to Meshach, so he can protect his kind”

“What ? Why must you even do that? Arcoven was getting peeved at what Thalia just said. She believed keeping such information a secret to their proposed enemies was good idea that could garner them more advantage.

“Because that’s a mission I must carry out. I need to inform both group so you can prepare for what future holds for you. They need to know about the coming battle and the only way to win the war just like you and your people.” Thalia said and immediately the brumous-cloudy mist forming a halo around him evanesced while Thalia faded along with it.

Arcoven stood in her buck-nakedness state pondering on what next to do to safe her people. Hordes of ideas swaned inside her head but she couldn’t pick one. Information they say is power–but of what use is information when you can’t make proper use of it. Thalia had done good by passing such a vital information to her before their proposed future enemies and she really need to make use of that to their vantage.

Arcoven was still in her thought when a generous idea surfaced. The idea that could birth a permanent solution to the ordeal Thalia had scried about. Since the prophecy has clavered Ryan would be the father of the seed that would destroy her kind in the future–then the best solution was killing Ryan Jericho before he could think wise to meet a woman. But easier said than done. Ryan was known to be the strongest hybrid on earth, so taking down such a man so brawny would entail taking an insidious measures. Measures like contacting Alzarius, the witch responsible for performing the spell of Eden on Ryan that turned him to an hybrid.

But before that, she had to assemble the Laraba’s officials and deliberate with them on how they would declare manhunt for any strangers that just plodded into the town. After that, she would contact Alzarius, the most powerful witch who also happened to be her blood sister. It was a steepened circumstances that droved Alzarius out of Laraba down to Locksley town where she found solace and transformed Ryan to an Hybrid to enable him kill the timber wolf that attacked them. Now, she was in best position to stop Ryan’s heartbeat and Arcoven was not ready to allow it slip off her hand.

However, after all the presumed foray and maraud that was about to ensure in Laraba town–perhaps –just perhaps Laraba would cease to be the place locution yelled “where love never ends” Because it would mark the beginning of fiercely battle between the Lamiae and the Larabas.

The battle had just begun.

To be continued..

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