I have seen that many ladies would do just about anything to get married to the right guy. I mean, they’re tired of buying Asuebi every month. They want others to celebrate with them which is okay.
Funny, some are the ones holding themselves in that position year in year out.
They’ve wholeheartedly cultivated some thinking patterns that repels the kind of the guy they TRULY want. In other words, they’re hoping for A, cheating with G, praying for C, friend zoning W and expecting Z- That’s the definition for a CONFUSED BEHAVIOUR.
Without wasting time, what are the 7 Painful/ Annoying Reasons Keeping Some Ladies Away From Their Man.

1. Misplaced Priorities
She says in her Priority List For A Husband, tall man, well to do, and a bit good looking (she’s in her late 20’s that’s why). A guy who is opposite of all that, comes around and just because he has a car, she starts seizing the moment with him. For how long? Till her heart is broken.
She says she wants a Godfearing man who loves children and also working, that’s all. Ask her, who is she currently dating? Who is she in love with? Just the opposite! Even if she has seen all she truly wants in Johnny.

2. Double Dating
I can tell you without mincing words, about 50% of ladies READY for marriage are Double Dating. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not “Double Friending”. You’re dating two guys at the same time! For example: One is paying your fees, the other is helping your parents. Which will you marry? That’s wickedness! Because you think he loves you right? You’re just been childish. Wake up from that delusion before breeze blow and the anus of the chicken is exposed.

3. Big Eye (Oju – Kokoro, Yoruba dialect)
Even though they scream, I want a man with vision! Is she sure? No be television she mean? These days ladies will climb on your head if you have a car. It’s good! But, what if the car get stolen? Guys, the lady that enjoyed oil rice with you now in your hustling days, Abeg, na dat one be your wife. No leave her! Marry her. Today’s high-heeled, pink lips, Sugar lips, hot hips ladies nor get patience to wait. That’s why guys use and dump them for the girl that controls his money wisely. Ladies, CHANGE!

4. Uncontrollable Temperament
Not all ladies are this ill-mannered. Some can’t control their anger even in the public. They have this notion that, “if he loves me, he will take me for who I am.” I laff in Chinese! Who are you na? Everywhere you go, malice, anger and jealousy follows you about. Try to work on yourself this year. Don’t nurse your weakness by saying, “That’s who I am naturally”. “In my family, anger is our problem” and you expect me to open my two eyes propose! Ayakata!
Even if you hide, somehow, he must still know. Work on yourself! That’s not who you are!
5. Excessive Forming
I read Law. I read Medicine. I’m a banker. Who asked you? You have not gone too far in discussion, they’re already bragging. OK na!
I’m not saying you should not play hard to get( which some guys are even doing o) but for how long?? You put on your PM, “I’m a Queen Without A King”. You would have simply said, “I am a Selective Queen Looking For Prince Charming”- Is this a movie? The King came but disguised with clothes of “No car”, “Self Contain”, “Earning 50k”, “Humble Background” but WITH A VISION!. Your eyes were too “Up” to notice him.

6. Facial Expression
The first place to note a happy person is the face. One day, I humorously advised a colleague, Why don’t you at least smile small? Will your husband notice you like this? She replied me, “That’s how my face is”, If he is Truly mine, he wouldn’t mind. I no fit laff abeg! And she and her friends always discuss husband house, I go dey laff them for my mind. I don jokingly tag them, “desperate housewives”. Try to smile joor! Be real and smile.No man wan marry Wrestler?
7. Insensitivity
Some guys do find out about a girl before they decide to take it deeper. They go any length to do this. Some ask their friends to go toast her. Some get her pin and test her in all angles to see if she is “hoe” or a gold digger. Imagine going to visit a your bae’s family who is a yoruba guy and you know they major on RESPECTING THE ELDERS, you see the mum and say Hi or just good morning! (-1 be that, lol) ! Be smart! Some take her out on a dinner and watch her manners (if she will demand for ten plates or invite the whole world) Some invite her and sheepishly hand the food items over to her to cook- he will then form busy! You Lady, should be sensitive. (I know the hardened ones now will be saying, All these for guys, a beg). If you are tired of being single and really really really wants to settle down. You should at least have a “C” in these exams, lol!
Learn how to cook. Learn how to be domestic- Run from Eateries at this time of your life. Why? You’re preparing for your Prince. If you prepare for him like a Prince, he will prepare for you like a Princess, perhaps a Queen.
The crux of the write up is Prepare for what is really really worth it. Is getting married to the best guy (to you) really worth it? Then prepare for it. Prepare for marriage.

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