‘what is it you want to know about my
queen of serpents?’ Queen Lateefa
‘she approached me today……’
‘i know. What is it do you really want to
know?’ she asked impatiently.
‘her aim. Why did she ask to see me. I
am very suspicious of Nneka, she is so
Queen Lateefa laughed.
‘thats why she is the queen of serpents’
Fred bowed down his head.
‘well dont mind Nneka. She still loves
you’ Queen Lateefa said and laughed.
‘i….dont think so my queen’
Queen Lateefa’s eyes changed colour.
‘are you doubting me?’
‘no my queen, i’m sorry my queen’
Queen Lateefa disappeared and
reappeared behind him.
‘you and Nneka were meant to be
together but your fate was destroyed by
enemies’ Queen Lateefa stated.
‘but why?’ Fred asked.
He was sure in doubt. Nneka was up to
something and whatever it was, Queen
Lateefa sent her.
‘because the both of you belong to the
same cult. Two members cant get
married.’ Queen Lateefa looked at Fred.
‘i hope you are preparing for your ritual,
the last time you sacrificed someone to
the ocean was six years ago’ she said.
Alice woke up early in order to assist
Angela in preparing breakfast plus it
was a monday morning and Felix must
go to school.
After dropping Felix off at school with
her father’s car, she felt a great urge to
stop over at Tony’s mansion.
‘at least i can just thank for all he did’
she said to herself.
The truth was that she just wanted to
see Tony.
As she drove towards his house, her
heart skipped a bit.
What was that feeling? It looks familiar.
No it cant be.
‘i’m just feeling grateful’ she said to
She pulled up in front of his gate. She
spent twenty minutes in her car before
mustering enough courage to go in to
see her Tony…..
To be continued..

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