Episode 5
I tried to open the door, but all no avail, I became very scared, I brought my new iPhone 6 plus out of my pocket to call one of my classmate, then I remembered that I had no friend, I saw benita starring at me
Me: benita, how dare you do this to me? Get me out of here!!!
Benita: (she spray some liquid in the class through the window, that has been cast with iron) you see, I decided to take my revenge for what you did to me in class a while ago, what I just spray is a slow poison called dimethylmercury, it will take sometime before killing you, so you have all time to say your last prayer
Me: ohhhhh!!!!!! Great job
(benita laugh evily, then she went back to class..not long after, I saw corper zainab passing by
Me: corper zainab!!!!
Corper zainab: tolu, what are you doing there?
Me: someone locked me in here
Corper zainab: okay am coming
(she opened the door)
Corper zainab: who?
Me: I don’t know(i lied, it’s benita)
Corper zainab: okay, be very careful, and take care of yourself
Me: I will, thanks for getting me out of here
Corper zainab: you’re welcome
(I went to back my class, I saw benita sitting, eyeing me evily, I decided not to raise the issue, I went to my seat, I sat down, and I decided to think about what happened earlier, will this school ever be comfortable for me? My first day in school is full of calamities, I must concur)
closing bell was rang by the time keeper, everybody started packing there books
Temmy: goodbye, handsome
(I decided to look everywhere to confirm if am the one she’s greeting)
Me goodbye….
(I board a taxi going to my village,or let’s say my house, I got home, I met my mum in the sitting room)
Mum: welcome, son
Me: thanks mum
Mum: how is school today?
Me: fine mum( I lied)
Mum: do you like your new school?
Me: yes mum…
I went straight to my bedroom, I became very weak, I called my mum, and I fainted………..

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