(Tochi in school)

Episode 31
Mr Godwin’s sittingroom had furnished equipments-flower on the centre table, pictures on the wall, a plazma television and totem of heavenly things. It was a typical chatholic resident.
Esther stood beside her mother squeezing her fingers together and wondering what Chester was doing in their house.
“Who do you want?” Mrs Gowin asked Chester.
“I want to see Esther” he replied staring at Esther, then Mrs Godwin traced his eyes and turned to see her standing.
“Mummy, he’s my classmates” Esther stepped forward. “He actually want to collect a book from me” she added and looked at Chester angrily.
“Oh!” the mother turned to Chester. “Which one is your surename?” she asked.
“It sounds familiar. Silva Luis?”
“Exactly ma”
“Okay, come in”
“No Mummy” Esther interrupted. “We will talk outside”
“Talk? I thought you said he needed a book”
“Yes, that’s true, let me bring it” Esther turned.
“I also want to talk to you” Chester said allowed.
“Then come inside” Mrs Godwin added.
Esther briskly walked into her room and brought out a book. She saw Chester sitting on the cushion looking at the parlour, then she sat on the same cushion-but gave a distance.
“What are you doing here uninvited?” she lowered her voice,
“I came to collect a book”
“Which book?”
“The one you suggested”
“You and i know that you didn’t come because of the book. I just made it up”
At that moment, Mrs Godwin came out and told Esther that she was going out.
“Okay, Mummy” she replied. They waited for her to walk to a distance before they continued their conversation.
“Now I’m listening, talk before my Daddy comes back”
Chester adjusted closer. “I want us to talk about you and Tochi” he said.
“Yes, for my sake please forgive her. I came all the way from my house to yours just to tell how important it is to me”
Esther became moody staring at him. Then he continued, “She’s an innocent girl. Yes, i admit the fact that Wisdom unexpectedly fell inlove with her but that shouldn’t bring demarcation between both of you. Please, i beg you”
Esther thought for a while and said, “Is okay, i have heard you, i will reconcile with her tomorrow”
“Wow! Thank you so much!”
“No problem”
“I also want you to keep moving regardless of the fact that Wisdom…”
“No, i don’t want to talk about it” Esther interrupted.
“Is okay, but i want you to know that someone somewhere is loving you”
“Someone” they stared for a while. “I have to take my leave now” he added.
Esther didn’t say a word but silently stood up and walked him to the door.
“Thank you” she said at last and Chester went home.
Very early in the morning, Mrs Mbakwe, Jennifer’s mother went out and Jennifer dressed up for school. All her mind was on her mission to use the love charm on Wisdom. She quietly brought out the leaves, squeezed it in her palms forgetting that she has to call Wisdom’s name three times after that. Just then, she heard a noise and a voice which seemed like Calista’s. “Calista!” she called and began to walked out. “Calista is that you?” she called for the second time and opened the door. She saw Calista standing quietly outside.
“So you are the one behaving like a ghost, Calista!” she called for the third time. That means the charm can only work on Calista not Wisdom anymore if robbed on her face.
“I wanted to scare you a bit” Calista told her and looked at her hands. “What’s that stain?” she asked.
“Never mind” Jennifer replied and went back inside to properly prepare.
All students came to school as usual even Wisdom who wasn’t happy. Immediately the bell was rung for assembly he came out of his classroom just to see Tochi and Linda also coming out. He passed them without saying a word.
“S.P good morning” Linda greeted, then he turned.
“Good morning” he replied.
“Good morning, S.P” Tochi also greeted without looking at him but Wisdom didn’t respond for calling him S.P.
“Is everything okay?” Linda asked Tochi but she didn’t say a word too.
Just as students trooped into the assembly ground, Mr Anuma also drove in still monitoring them from his car. At the same time Jennifer and Calista walked in rushing to the assembly ground too. There was no much casualty between the students but Chester noticed that Wisdom wasn’t looking happy and wondered why. Few minutes before the assembly was over, the principal came out with Mr Anuma and other teachers, then Esther gave way for him to give an impromptu speech.
“Good morning students!” the principal began.
“Good morning sir!”
“Just remaining few days for the quiz…” as the principal was giving his speech, Calista began to rob her face. When Jennifer looked at her, she saw improperly robbed power and particles then she robbed her hands on Calista’s face to remove them. Immediately, the charm affected her and she looked at Jennifer romantically and brought her face closer to kiss her.
“What are u doing?” Jennifer asked silently..

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