“Jesus… I never knew you could act so well. I almost believed you were truly in pain” she laughed heartily.

Tola grinned and heaved a sigh of relief. “I owe you my life Ama” she said, full of gratitude.

“My child and I would be forever grateful to you Tola, you have nothing to thank me for” I returned.

The nurses looked at us in confusion. “Can someone explain what is going on here? Amara?” one of the nurses asked.

I looked at them apologetically. “I am really sorry for the trouble, it was a matter of life and death. Someone tried to terminate my pregnancy. If I could only see the doctor, I would be eternally grateful for the help” I said in a pleading tone.

They both looked at me in curiosity. They knew me to a certain extent and they were certainly concerned about my welfare. “That sounds pretty serious” the nurse I knew to be Nurse B, said and led the three of us to the doctor’s office. The lady doctor was with a male friend and the nurse went to whisper into the doctor’s ear. She invited us inside fully and she smiled at me. “How are you Amara? What is this that I am hearing?”

I felt awkward talking in front of the guy but since she was willing to talk in his presence, I knew that he could be trusted. Tola narrated the whole incident of how she was offered money and how she was threatened and forced into going through with the plan. She said so many things and all I could do most times was gap in amazement. It was as annoying as it was unbelievable.

“Do you have the drugs?” The man asked suddenly, surprising me.

The doctor saw the surprise on my face and smiled. “Don’t worry, you are definitely lucky you met him here. He is a police detective. Mr. Sinja. I am sure he can help you”

“I definitely can. Who is this murderer in the making” he looked really angry.

I swallowed hard. “Thank you so much sir. All I want is to stop her from ever trying this nonsense again. My child means everything to me and I would not risk his safety for anything in the world. I also want my friends to be protected. These are the people that mean a lot to me and I would do anything as long as they are protected” I said.

“Well then, let’s go. This lady must surely be arrested for attempted murder. The foetus should definitely be lucky, he has so many people who would risk their lives for him.” With that, he stood up and bid the doctor farewell, marching to the door like a trained soldier.

The drive back home was filled with silence on my part, while Tina and Tola talked endlessly, recounting the entire episode, and laughing whenever they talked about my displays. The police man made a phone call to someone I guessed to be a fellow police officer and asked for my address, which I gave. I saw the confused look on the driver’s face but ignored it. The face of the police man was as hard as stone and I found myself smiling. He was definitely a handsome man, no doubt, but his face made him look ruthless. Kelvin had looked different, yet similar, I thought suddenly, not even knowing what prompted such a stupid thought.

We entered the compound and I noticed Alex’s car. We alighted and the police officer followed closely behind, betraying no emotion. We met the duo cuddling like a pair of teenagers in the sitting room. Is it not weird that they are always doing that every time I see them? I thought vaguely.

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