Episode 16…

My mind was pre-occupied even without yet to know what fate snakie met that same night!!! …lawyer continues;

My lawyer: what happened to snakie mr. John???

John: snakie has been missed since that night, without any trace of him.

Me: ****scared*** murmuring; ‘snakie is misssed’… how???

My lawyer: is anything matter???? Have you people looks for him?

John: yes… we have made necessary steps sir.

Opposition lawyer: ***cut-in**** objection, your honor! they are culprits!! They should be nailed!!!

Judge: refrain from such intruding action, prosecutor micheal…

Opposition lawyer: sorry, my lord!!!

Judge: continue mr. John. So, what happened??

John: prior to the day he got missing???

My Lawyer: the whole human being missed?? Hnnnnnnn… How? Can you please elaborare on that??

John: we were together, in a bar one night when snakie walked into me and looked so much worried?? He told me that just of recent, someone has been sending him a threaten message saying; “he is dating his girl friend” and “his life is at stake”. He never thought it was an important message until the person made his life restless for him before he opened up to me. It got to a level, where they would notify him his whereabouts. His movement and how he would be brutally killed.

Me:****my heart beating fast**** Even though, it is past event, but I felt like I was connected to snakie disappearing story…****who would want me jail and kill snakie*** without preamble and surfixamble, I was after as well, I knew!!!

My lawyer: ooooooh! Does he inform anybody about the threat?? Like a police station or any…

John: i don’t think so. Cause, he never border about it has that much. But, the only thing i can say is that the girl would probably be opeyemi as well. Because he later got a message which the same sender said; ‘you even dare to transfer the girl to you friend abi?? You will both be dealt with’. The missing of snakie was also on that same night jerry was accused of killed chief. *** this made me concluded that opeyemi had something to do about snakie missing*** We made effort to know whereabout him, but all was abortive.

My lawyer: why it is too late before u can make this to know by this court, perhaps things might have been done about it before now?

John: I was clueless sir. Until when a lady who called herself prosecutor came for help and which I narrated all I knew so far about this. She then asked me if I would be able to say this for oncoming appeal. So, that is why I am here today sir.

My lawyer: i see! So, *****took a deep breath*****

John: ****crying**** and his eyes have become red!!!!

My lawyer: what relationship between you and snakie???

John: he is an area friend sir!

My lawyer: do you know any relative of snakie… or any one that know his parents!

John: I don’t know anyone about him sir.

My lawyer: he never told you anything about his parents???

John: yes sir! But the little I heard from him is that he came from Benie city. I eavesdropped him one day telling a friend that he would return to Benie if he become a better person to prove his doubters wrong. He was a lost man who was trying to make a living, but later met his fate in Ibadan without his parents know anything sir. ****sobbing continuing, while tears were flowing down john’s cheecks****

Me:****I felt sorry for snakie family**””

Opposition lawyer: ***cut-in*** objection my lord! Right now The witness is putting emotional into the words!!

Judge: I acknowledged! Witness refrains from emotional act. The court won’t sympathise with anyone. It is against the act of Nigeria constitution. We only need evidence to make better judgment.

John: ****drying his face*** i am sorry my lord!

My lawyer: I am Sorry Mr. John about your friend. I believe he is somewhere missing you too. Thanks for your time taken sir.

John: ****bend head inward*** thank you sir prosecutor Peter!!!

****John dropped off the podium and located his sit. And the next woman was asked to take the position.*****

My mind was full of thought about snakie. A died child is kept in the heart, but a lost child is buried in the tears. I guess, “my child is died is far more Better than “my child is lost”. I felt sorry for the family of snakie.

Who could be threatening snakie on phone then????

What connection does opeyemi had with these people???

How on earth the so called opeyemi is this cruel???

For how long they have been planning this???
Why are they making me going through this instead of taking me away or rather killing me like snakie??

It is because I dared to bewitched opeyemi and bleeped her???

I still remember my dream when Open told me; ‘”when a rabbit enters the place of the dragon, it leaves its liver behind”**

Could it be because I entered opeyemi punny, that is why I have to surfer for it???

Could it be opeyemi was a spy in the hotel and we were disturbing their work??? As in, She make her punany look like kitty, like prison… that I won’t be able to escape!!!

Why were they included chief kukoyi death if this issue only connect with bleeping alone????

They even partway and took ten million away…!!! Are they robbery???

These are the rhetorical questions I really could not provide answers to!!!

++++They say black is the colour that appears to make us look slim, but it does not make us slim. If the greeting of ‘goodbye’ were to be the last word, I think that would be sufficient to this horrible life a 5minutes seasonal S£x I had with opeyemi. I do not know if anyone must be equal in front of the law, but we are all equal in front of mirror. The more I think about opeyemi, the more I remember an hanker who shot arrow into the sky and cover his head with mortal, forgetting that the nemesis is a law of karma…*** even tally of Indian’s man can never wipe off the boomerang of such evil plot***+++

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