The girls turned around in fright. Who
was that, there was no one standing by
the door or no one around.
‘why?’ the voice came again. At this
point, the girls fell on each other in
Then an echoing laughter ensued.
Breeze blew across the room shaking
everything and falling items and then
the breeze suddenly stopped and the
voice came again.
‘be warned girls, do not destroy your
destiny with your own hands. This is my
last warning!’
And voice stopped.
The girls ran out screaming on top of
their voices.
Alice screamed on top of her voice
begging Tony to stop.
‘Tony, please stop, please!’ she
screamed but Tony would hear non of
The way he punched Gilbert showed
that he had the desire to kill him if
Alice started crying and he stopped. He
took Alice to the car but not after
sounding a note of warning to Gilbert.
‘stay away from her if you dont want
trouble!’ he said!
Tony drove away with Alice as she
sobbed all through. He parked the car at
one corner of the road, reached for his
handkerchief and wiped her tears.
‘dont cry, i’m sorry’ he said with a voice
filled with concern.
‘thank you Tony. You just saved me for
the second time. Thanks’ Alice said.
Tony smiled and drew her to his arms.
She clunged tightly to him like a second
skin. She didnt want to ever leave his
arms but knowing that he was with
another lady made her cry.
He thought the reason for her tears was
because of what just took place but he
was wrong.
She cried because she loved him,
because of the lady, because of the
desire to be with him, because of him.
‘i saw you at Flames today’ Tony said as
he gently pulled her away.
She wiped her tears and nodded.
‘i saw you too.’ she said.
‘why didnt you call me?’
‘i didnt want to give your girlfriend the
wrong impression’ she said.
Tony laughed loudly and pinched her
nose playfully.
‘you this silly girl!’ he said playfully.
Alice smiled. She fantasied herself
kissing him, being next to him in bed
and unclad, then she pinched herself.
‘no Alice, lets not do this’ she said to
‘i thought you were now with your
parents, what brought you back here?’
Tony asked.
‘how did you know i was here?’ Alice
asked with a smile.
‘my body language did. Who is that
guy?’ Tony asked.
‘nobody’ Alice replied.
It was obvious that Tony didnt
remember the smart game she had
played the other time.
‘come on, tell me. Your ex?’ he asked.
She chuckled ‘hell no Tony! You dont
expect me to date that mad man, do
you?’ she said and they laughed.
‘that guy has been obsessed with me
for six years now and he wont take a
no for an answer’ she said.
‘oh! Too bad. Dont worry he wont
disturb you again’
‘i hope so’.
Tony’s phone rang, his daughter.
‘Maria?’ he said.
‘daddy, please come home, something
mysterious just happened!’ she said.
She sounded frightened.
‘i’m on my way’ he said and quickly
hung up.
To be cont

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