Before I could utter a single word, the policeman emerged behind me. “I believe you are Miss Lisa” he began.

Lisa jumped out of the chair, looking alarmed. She turned to glare at Tola.

“Yes she is, the question should be, who are you?” Alex answered.

“I am Detective Sinja” he extracted a card from his breast pocket and returned it. “Miss Lisa, you are under arrest for attempted murder” he said and I heard the siren of a police car outside.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“What is this Amara?” Alex boomed, standing up to glare at me. “What are you scheming this time?”

“Oh! You would need to ask your little beauty queen over there. She is the one who tried to terminate my pregnancy with useless drugs” I shot back.

“Well, you are better off without the pregnancy, don’t you think?”

The policeman raised his brow. “If you are not careful young man, I would arrest you also because you sound like her accomplice” Like magic, he removed handcuffs.

“This is a mistake, I am innocent, you hear me” she yelled and tried to run but Mr. Sinja’s hand shot out faster than I could even imagine, grabbing her just in time. He attached the handcuffs and two other police men entered the sitting room.

“You would pay for this, Amara, Tola” she screamed. “You would pay for this” she yelled as the men dragged her out of the house.


Mrs. Bello poured herself a drink as she recounted her sorrows. It was now twenty years since she did the unthinkable, yet, she could not make herself forget her past errors, especially one. A living breathing mistake which could not be forgiven. Every year, she remembered the 20th of September and willed it to go away.


To be continued…………..

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