(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 34
Mrs Mbakwe was just returning with leaves and a knife in her hands when two boys in uniform arrived. They adjusted backward when they saw the knife and the leaves.
“God morning, madam” they greeted, then Mrs Mbakwe turned. She wore a fairy pink gown with a black trouser under. She had a fair complexion and a low cut hair on her head. She was surprised to see the students standing far from her and looking scared.
“Any problem?” she asked.
“Our principal sent us to you”
“Why? Come closer nah!”
“No oh! We are okay here” they responded at the same time looking at each other and took another step backward. Seeing that, Mrs Mbakwe suspected that something must have gone wrong somewhere.
“Why is your principal calling me?” she asked.
“Because of your daughter, Jennifer”
“Hey! I hope nothing has happened to my daughter oh!” she kept the knife and the leaves immediately and followed the boys who took on their heels immediately too.
The prefects took over the school since the teachers weren’t available. They made sure all the students remained in their classrooms without making noise.
Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Jacob, Calista’s parents were already in the office vibrating. The mother took hold of her daughter who was still making a sexual move.
“We warned her severally to stay away from this daughter of a witch but she wouldn’t listen!” Mr Jacob shouted from the seat where he was sitting with a walking stick. He was exact resemblance of Calista with a native attire and one could see white beards on her jaw.
“Do you know Jennifer’s mother?” the principal asked him.
“Who doesn’t know the wicked witch!” Mr Jacob began. “She can go to an extreme just to get what she wants even by force!” he added with all bitterness, then the principal exhaled deeply and glanced at Jennifer who was kneeling before everybody and shedding tears. Suddenly, Mrs Mbakwe arrived and Mrs Jacob rushed her.
“You have to kill me oh!” she shouted and grabbed her legs. “You and your daughter will kill me today!” she added.
Seeing that, teachers separated them and calmed her down. Mrs Mbakwe was still perplexed about the whole issue. She took a good look at her daughter and Calista even her parents who she knew very well.
“Principal what happened?” she asked curiously.
“I think your daughter is in a good condition to answer that” Mr Nelson replied, then she turned to Jennifer.
“What have you done, Jennifer?” she asked, but she kept quiet.
“Your daughter brought a love charm to school” Mr Nelson began. “She was actually targeting my senior prefect, a male student but she ended up using it on a her friend!”
“What?!” Mrs Mbakwe exclaimed looking at her daughter. “Jennifer, where did you get love charm from?” she asked.
“I used the leave you gave to that man yesterday”
“You deed what?! Hey!”
“Madam, shouting will not solve the problem now” Mr Anuma began. “Just get a solution on how to bring back this girl to her normal senses”
“Please, I’m really sorry” Mrs Mbakwe apologized. “There is actually a solution. Let me go home and come back” she rushed outside.
Few minutes later, she came back with a water on a white bowl. Students who saw her stared at her through the windows.
“Is that her mother?” Tochi asked Linda.
“Yes, an old wicked witch!”
“Hmm, what’s she carrying?”
“Who knows? Probably they want to reverse the charm”
Tochi folded her hands staring at her until she entered into the office, then she turned to Linda again. “I want to tell you something?” she said.
“I’m all ears”
“Wisdom finally proposed”
“What?! I mean, what did you say”
“I turned him down”
“But you know what? Inside me, i love him and want to go back and approve the proposal”
“What about Esther?”
“She was the one that actually told me to do so”
Linda thought for a while. “I believe the road is open for you now?” she said smiling.
“You mean i can proceed?”
“Yes, you are so lucky” they smiled uncontrollably.
At the very sight of all the teachers, Mrs Mbakwe washed Calista’s face with the water from the bowl and immediately she regained herself. She looked at everybody surprisingly, even Jennifer. “Mama” she called.
“Oh my daughter” she embraced her.
“What happened?”
“My dear, i will tell you when we get home” Calista looked at Jennifer again. She couldn’t just comprehend what was going on.
“Principal, i want to take my daughter home” Mrs Jacob requested.
“Please, go on” they left even the Mr Jacob followed them angrily.
“Please, Mr principal” Mrs Mbakwe began “I apologize unbehalf of my daughter. Forgive her, please. As you can see she took the charm without my knowledge because i wouldn’t have allowed her. Na this things dey give me small small money, biko gbahara”
“I’m sorry madam” the principal said. “Your daughter has been expelled from this school”
“Since her name is already on waec candidate list, she’s only eligible to come back here during d examination time!” Mr Nelson concluded.

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