(Tochi in school)

Episode 35
Many students watched Mrs Mbakwe dragged Jennifer out of the school compound angrily. Some laughed at her while some pitied her. Wisdom stood speechless with his hands folded looking at her. He didn’t believe she could do such a thing. Melody and Esther stood at the window feeding their eyes.
“Thank God you weren’t with them anymore. Who knows whether you would have been the one to be charmed instead of Calista” Esther told Melody.
“Yes, that’s true” she agreed. “I noticed their character to be repulsive so i ceased being their friend instantly” She added.
The news gradually began to die down and students never hesitated to have their break meal or snack. Tochi didn’t know how to start approaching Wisdom again. Linda could see her looking restless as they sat under the palm tree as usual.
“Who are you looking for?” she asked her.
“Linda, I’m afraid oh” Tochi replied.
“Maybe Wisdom doesn’t love me again”
“Why are you saying like this?”
“He has not talked to me throughout today. You witnessed when i greeted him this morning but didn’t answer me”
“Maybe he’s only trying to be healed from the broken heart”
“That’s what I’m saying oh! What if he has changed his mind about me?”
“Stop Abeg!”
Just as they were talking, Wisdom walked handsomely with Chester at their very sight into Esther’s classroom. Tochi hope he just look at their direction but he didn’t.
“Linda, have you seen what i told you? He doesn’t even want to notice my presence. I know he doesn’t love me again”
Linda remained quiet looking at her with her hands folded.
“Why are you looking at me nah?!” Tochi shouted.
“I’m just looking at how love want to drive you crazy” Linda replied smiling.
Inside the classroom, Wisdom gradually walked to Esther’s seat while Melody cornered Chester at the back of the classroom in a way Chester sat on an opened window while Melody stood inbetween his thighs with a snake.
“It seems like you have some goodies for me” Chester told her.
“Of course i have”
“Abeg can i have it?”
“Yes, in one condition”
“What condition?”
Esther couldn’t stop glancing at them feeling jealous as Wisdom sat opposite her also noticing it.
“In a condition that you close your eyes” Melody replied.
“Just that?”
“No, you will also open your mouth”
“Okay” at the very sight of Esther, Chester opened his mouth and Melody fed him with a biscuit.
“Now close your mouth and chew the goody” she said smiling. Chester opened his eyes and began to chew the biscuit.
“I love the goody” he said and they laughed.
Esther couldn’t behold them anymore, so she concentrated on Wisdom who immediately crossed his legs smiling.
“How are you feeling?” he asked her.
“I’m fine” she replied without looking at him.
“I’m sorry for what i have put you through. I will forever be your friend”
“Is okay, such is life. At least is better than being charmed with a love charm” they smiled and Esther glanced at Chester and Melody again.
“But someone really loves you and can do anything to make u happy”
“Who?” Esther asked nd immediately Wisdom looked at Chester who was laughing seriously with Melody.
“I mean someone who will love you more than a friend is coming”
“Hmmm, i don’t want anymore before someone use love charm on me” Esther said and they smiled again. “Ehn.. what about Tochi?” she changed the topic but Wisdom kept quiet.
“I don’t want to talk about it”
Just before Wisdom replied, a voice came from the entrance of the classroom saying. “Wisdom the principal wants to see you now!”
Without thinking twice, Wisdom rushed out. Tochi saw him again for the second time without him noticing her presence, then she glanced at Linda again.
“If you want I’ll go and talk to him” Linda suggested.
“No” she insisted.
Everybody began to go home but Tochi hesitated to go. She was actually hoping to see Wisdom again but he was nowhere to be found. She stood at the entrance of her classroom and adjusted her bag looking at every direction. She was very neat and looking more beautiful.
“Let’s go home” a voice came from behind, then she turned with a sad face.
“I don’t want to go yet” she replied
“You still want to see Wisdom?” Linda asked but Tochi kept quiet looking at every angle.
“I’m going oh!” Linda said.
“Bye bye” she replied and Linda walked home.
Esther and Chester were actually in their classroom by the window. Just few students remained there. Chester held her hand softly and said, “My birthday is coming next week Saturday”
“Really? And how old will you be by then?”
“5 years”
“Lair! Abeg tell me”
“Add 5 years to your age and subtract it with 4, you’ll get my age”
Esther became confused and began to think. Just at that moment Tochi came at the window looking at them with her face up.
“Good afternoon” she greeted. “Have u seen Wisdom?” she asked.
“No, dear” Esther replied. “It seems like the principal sent him on an erran” she added.
“Okay” Tochi went home sadly…

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