I was seriously confused, should I touch her first or kiss her, this were thoughts running in my mind,but I was scared how she will react, she might get disappointed at me for behaving such a way uncommon to me. There was a grave silence between us for some minutes, I was seriously praying inside me for her to pull off her cloth, throw it far within reach, pounce on me like a ferocious lion and do justice to my landlord inside my boxer.
All she keeps doing is fanning her self, checking the time at intervals.
” Justice tell me about your girl friend in the city “this time I was lying face down to hide my johny palaver
” I dont have girlfriend chioma, but I am looking forward to having one here ”
“really, have you seen one? ” she almost jumped in amazement, I didnt respond I just raised up my head and look at her direction when our eyes met eyeball to eyeball and I immediately withdrew and burry my head on the pillow again.
” are you feeling shy justice, okay I am going ”
“pls dont go stay with me ”
she laughed and said okay, I keep repeating dont go each time she stands to leave.
“so who are you eyeing in our class now? ”
“none ”
“even me? ”
“I dont know ” I managed to reply,
“what do you mean by you dont know? “looking serious.
Trying so hard for her not to see my huge bulge.she came and lie down beside me again this time she wasnt facing me, I was staring at her round backside, so inviting, I wanted placing my hand on her hips but I was nervous, tried it severally before I gaveup, she checked her watch again and stood up telling me she need to go now that her mum will be looking for her now,
“won’t you come and see me off? ”
“I am tired chioma, we will see later in school tomorrow okay, please take good care of yourself for me ” I managed to say as she promised to visit again, my people that was the last time I saw chioma in our house till date

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