(Tochi in school)

Episode 36
Chester was the type that had been exposed to modern life regarding his background. He was also the type that do things gradually without rushing it. Of course he was inlove with the girl before him but couldn’t express his feelings trying so heard not to be heartbroken. After Tochi and other students left leaving just Esther and Chester. Esther wanted to go but he prevented her.
“You have not told me what you will give me as a present on my birthday” he said.
“I’ll get you something lovely” she replied smiling.
“Like what?”
Esther stared at the ceiling in thought with a finger on her lips.
“Can you give me your heart as a present?” Chester asked and brought down her hand staring into her lovely eyes.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“I mean can i look into your heart and see a space for me there?”
Hearing that, Esther’s heart began to beat as she stared in to his eyes. She could see seriousness in them.
“That’s the only thing i ask from you” Chester continued. “Just your heart and your love” he concluded and they stared at each other silently. Chester brought his head gradually and began to kiss her which she reciprocated. At that moment, Wisdom, who arrived saw them at the door and quietly went back. Esther suddenly quit the kiss and began to arrange her books in a hurry.
“What is it?” Chester asked her but she didn’t say anything. “Have i done something wrong?” he asked again.
“No, i just want to go” she replied and flung her bag one handedly on her shoulder to go but Chester grabbed her hand immediately, then she turned sharply. Both stared at each other feeling their heartsbeat together.
“Esther, i love you. How do you want me to express it? Please, give me a chance and i promise to heal your broken heart”
Esther remained speechless, she couldn’t believed the kiss and what she was hearing, then she brought down her eyes on Chester’s hand and gradually disengage it. “Bye” she said and walked out gently. Just at the door, she turned and glanced at him again, then went home briskly. Wisdom sighted her from afar walking very fast and sometimes galloped, then he wondered what the problem was. Just as he stared, he saw Chester walking out of the classroom sadly.
“Hey bro!” he shouted and ran over. “What is the problem?”
“Nothing much”
“I actually saw both of you kissing”
“You did?”
“Yeah, that means she has..”
“No, she hasn’t” Chester interrupted.
“I don’t know, she just quit and walked out without saying anything”
Wisdom remained quiet finding it difficult to understand such attitude.
“I just don’t understand her feelings” Chester broke the silence.
“Exactly! That’s what I’m thinking now” Wisdom replied.
“Sometimes girls could be very difficult to be understood”
“Yes bro”
“Till tomorrow”
“Okay” they shook hands together and departed.
Esther couldn’t concentrate when she got home. She rushed into her room and stared at the window. “Did i just have my first kiss?” she thought. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed quietly but to the hearing of Mrs Godwin, her mother who opened the room without knocking.
“What is happening to you?” she asked.
“Nothing Mummy” She replied.
“Why are you late from school?”
“Mummy, i couldn’t get a cab on time”
“Yes, Mummy”
“Come and have your lunch”
“Thank you, Mummy”
The mother gradually closed the door.
Tochi had been in her room since she came back from school without eating anything. She wore a pink leggings trouser and fairy top lying on her bed with her face up. She blinked her eyes occasionally and glanced at the window. Her whole body and soul needed Wisdom. If only to just see him would have been okay for her.
“Tochukwu” the mother came in. “You have not told me what your problem is oh”
“Mama, I’m fine!”
“No, you are not my daughter, talk to me I’m your mother” she sat beside her on the bed. “Did your teacher flogg you?”
“No, mama”
The mother stared at her for a while and said, “Oya bring out your table and books, your teacher is here”
Tochi turned sharply. “Which of my teachers, mama?” she asked.
“Your lesson teacher nah. What is his name again?”
“Yes, Wisdom”
Before the mother could finish pronouncing the name, Tochi rushed to the backyard just to see Wisdom facing the kitchen without noticing her presence.
“Wisdom?” she called and Wisdom turned. He couldn’t believe her beauty in the pink leggings trouser which gave her butt round shape. They smiled at each other.
“Good evening” Tochi greeted.
“How are you?”
“I’m fine now”
“Are you ready to study?”
“Yes, very ready” she ran inside and brought out her books and set the table, then the mother wondered where she actually got her strength from.
The lesson lasted for two hours and Tochi didn’t hesitate to escort Wisdom as an opportunity to tell him her mind even when the mother insisted. They day was getting dark when they walked like husband and wife…

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