A knock appeared on the door and
without raising his head up, he said.
‘come in’
The door opened and Stella walked in.
Tony raised up his head.
‘good morning Stella’ he said.
Stella nodded. Tony looked at her from
head to toe. She was no longer the
beauty queen he had thought her to be.
She looked unkempt and her eyes were
red and puffy. He hair looked unkempt.
Infact, she looked sick.
‘sit’ Tony said and she did so.
‘what brought you here?’ he asked
Stella sniffed. ‘Tony, i’m really sorry, i…….’
‘please! I dont have time for any
apologies. This is an office and
everything you do here should be
formal. Thats why i even asked you so
sit in the first place. If you know that
you dont have anything reasonable to
do here, please go!’ Tony said gently but
Stella went on her knees
‘Tony, please dont do this to me please, i
beg of you. I will explain how it all
happened to you but please gove me a
listening ear’ Stella said in tears.
‘Stella, how would you feel if a client
walks in here and see you this way?
Leave, i’m concerned about you’ Tony
said with a smile.
‘i dont care! As far as i keep the man i
live for’ Stella said.
‘Stella, go. I will see you some other time
t listen to your explanation. Wont you
go to work?’ he asked.
‘f–k work!’
‘okay, if thats what you say about your
work, i cant say such about mine. Go,
and take care of yourself. You look like a
cloth fading its colour’ Tony said as he
raised her up gently.
‘you are such a gentleman Tony. To
think that even after all you saw
yesterday, you are still being nice to me
and not insulting me or harassing me,
you are the best that can ever be. I love
you’ she said and left the office.
‘d–n!’ Tony cursed.
About twenty minutes later, Alice
entered the office. He was so surprised
to see her.
‘who do we have here?’ Tony asked in
‘miss Alice Tarulba’ Alice said and they
‘so what brought you here?’ Tony
‘i saw a vacancy outside and i came to
apply for the job’ said Alice.
Tony raised a brow in surprise.
‘see who wants to apply for a job. Do
you want to be my secretary?’ Tony
‘anything! As far as i recieve a six digit
salary every month’ Alice said with a
‘is that how to act in an interview?’ Tony
‘oh! Is this an interview?’ Alice asked in
‘not really. Thats why you should turn
around and meet the elderly lady
outside to learn some manners on how
to behave as Tony Brown’s secretary’
Tony said.
Nneka was pleased that Tony and Alice
had s-x. At least, it was a stepping stone.
She felt glad within herself. Her
assignment, who knows might be
completed within a month!
The room started shaking and Queen
Lateefa appeared.
‘Nneka!’ Queen Lateefa called.
Nneka turned and bowed down.
‘welcome my queen’
‘i am hungry for blood. I need blood!’
Queen Lateefa said and the whole room
‘dont worry my queen, blood you will
get soon’ Nneka said.
To be continued

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