you may try the number later okay, I drained the battery while playing game in school today ”

” ok then……”
” linda I will be expecting your visit tomorrow by 3pm” Emeka snapped in, ” I have a surprise package for you”
” Really, oh kay till tomorrow then ” Linda said almost immediately without giving much concern.
” Linda, thank you for the delicious and palatable delicacy you gave to us, you are such a good cook, where did you learn all this skills from” I said jokingly.
” hahahaha you are flattering me Justice, I learnt it from my grandmum, that woman hmmm…there is nothing she cant cook at her age” we rose from our seat, ready to go, she saw us off and bade us goodbye.
I almost forgot her immediately, because this is not my first time of being treated this way by women, I see it as part of my life not until I saw a missed call in the middle of the night. Who could that be, I almost forgot someone collected my number today.
I dialed the number only to hear a romantic voice from the other end of the line.
” Hello handsome, how are you tonight”she said.
” please may I know who I am speaking with ” trying to sound friendly
” I am linda, the girl that collected your number some hours ago”
” Oh linda, how are you doing”
” I am fine handsome, I just called to know how you are doing, you can save this number its mine ”

” okay, let me save it now” I cut the call immediately to save the number, but she called rightback when I was halfway saving her number.

” Sorry for disturbing you dear, but can you pay me a visit tomorrow, I need your help for something”

” but you are supposed to visit emeka tomorrow”

” yes, uhmm…. , emeka can wait, this one is very important to me, now tell me are you coming or not?”

” okay I will visit you then, so that I will help you out with whatever it is, which textbook should I come along with “

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