Episode 6At first i did nt recognise him, but as he came closer, i was left in no doubt. It was Dad. He looked so different, lookin quite sickly and loss of weight too.Dad: thank God u ar back sonDad embraced me and held onto me as if his life depend on it. I responded with equal warmth.we drove off in a black infinity jeepDad: i ve been ill charles. Very ill. Buh its nothingreally, i am gettin beta by d day. Hw was ur flight.Charles: fyn dad.Dad: hw was d weather in londonCharles: it was cold buh not unbearably so.I was nt interested in talking abt d weather in london. So i changed d topichw z mum i saidDad: she z fyn. She z making dinner.Wow, loving mum,Dad: ur sister. Joy z at home too. She arrived with her husband soon after i left. I talked with them on d car phone.Hmmm. I ve nt seen my four sisters in a very long time,Finally we arrived home. My dreams have come true today, mum said with unveiled joy. For d past five years i ve been countin the seconds, now my torture has ended, my son z back. ThankGod. She hugged me so tight i could feel her heart beat.Mum: u ar looking quite lean, dont they feed u inthat place? Anyway nw that u ar bk home, all that would be taken care of.I took turns to embrace my sister and shake hands with her husband.we went inside, took our dinner, hmmmm every one was smilling buh i knw all z nt well. Dey left one after anoda till it was only dad and i.Dad: i knw u ar nt fooled by all that has happened tonight. U ar always an intelligent boy,more than ever, u ve showed d world that u ar intelligent by taking d right decisin,Charles: i dont understand dad. Wat ar u talking about?Dad: i talking abt d Patrick’s company, u remember dem dont u?Charles: i nodded affimatively.Dad: they ve finnally gottin to me. I believe its their way of settling score with me over that old piece of land.Charles: how Dad?


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