(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 2
A total silence took over the examination hall when Jennifer entered, then external candidates wondered who she was and why the sudden quietness. Wisdom expected her to greet or take permission before entering but she didn’t, rather she walked quietly to a lonely seat feeling less ashamed. Calista and Melody stared at her while Esther and Chester also looked her but they couldn’t stop smiling!
“The examination will commence very soon” Wisdom continued. “According to Mr Anuma, external candidates should be aware that there will be no malpractice and if any implication is found among any of us, the victim will be penalized..”
As Wisdom spoke with all boldness and intelligence, Jennifer couldn’t stop staring at him remembering all she passed through in his hands and that of Tochi, then she exhaled deeply and bent down her face on the locker. Esther pitied her when she saw her and glanced at Chester.
“I feel so pity for her” she told him.
“That means you have a good heart and my children will be pampered a lot for any little thing even when they are wrong” Chester replied.
“What does that mean? And what children are you talking about?”
“Our children”
“Come on, you silly boy” Esther hit him gently on the shoulder and grabbed his arms again smiling. “But you are heartless oh” she added.
“Why saying that?”
“Why can’t you pity somebody?”
“You mean Jennifer?”
“Why should i pity her?”
“Abeg go, you men are heartless joor” Esther concluded and Chester smiled at her words.
Suddenly Mr Anuma entered with the examiner and the students greeted with their feet up.
“This examination shouldn’t be ponderous otherwise you will suffer from rheumatoidarthritis” Mr Anuma began with a hand in his pocket. Just then, some students who knew him began to giggle at his grammar. Even Edwin smiled hearing the unfamiliar words, so he folded his arms and adjusted in his seat ready to hear more of them. Melody turned immediately and their eyes caught together but she withdrew her face instantly.
Mr Anuma continued, “The green horns here who are unaware of the substantial value this school has across the state should please, behave themselves in other not to bring it down substantially with criminal behaviours. Understood?!”
“Yes, sir!” the students Chorused and Mr Anuma’s eyes caught with Jennifer’s.
“Mbakwe!” he called moving closer to her. “Welcome back. I hope you prepared very well for this exam”
“Yes, sir” she replied with a low voice without smiling or looking at him. Mr Anuma stared at her for a while and ignored her.
Few minutes later, the exam began. Everywhere was quiet and calmed as the students made use of their pen and brain looking very serious. Only the footsteps of Mr Anuma and the examiner were head. Melody turned occasionally to take a look at Edwin who was writing as fast as possible, then she wondered how intelligent he would be.
Tochi laid on her bed imaging how successful the term ended and what Wisdom was actually doing at the moment. She took a thought back to the quiz day and smiled…
SS2 students rejoiced round the school with Tochi at the front for few minutes after school dismissed then Esther, Melody and Calista cornered her and hugged her happily.
“Now i know the type of job Wisdom was doing with you” Esther told Tochi.
“Yes oh, he really did a great job!” Melody added.
“Hmm, I’m so happy for you oh!” Calista hugged her again and collected the price from her. Suddenly Wisdom came around.
“The job dealer is here” Esther said. “Please, let’s give them some privacy” she added before they left.
Wisdom and Tochi stared at each other for a while glowing with smiles. Before Wisdom could say anything, Tochi hugged him without minding the presence of anybody.
“Thank you very much” she said and disengaged herself immediately.
“I’m so proud of you” Wisdom began. “You can even do better next time in your SS3”
“But you won’t be around by then” she became sad.
Wisdom held her on the shoulder with his two hands looking into her eyes. “I might not be around but always remember that I’m with you” he said.
“Will i ever see you again?”
“Of course you will, where am i going…?”
Tochi smiled and glanced at the table by the corner full of books, then she remembered Wisdom again. “Will it ever be like this?” she began to think. “What if he enters university and forget me? Probably he will meet girls more beautiful and intelligent than me, then he will just forget me” she became sad and walked out wearing a short white jean skirt.
The examination lasted for two hours. Student went outside the hall to wait for the second paper but Jennifer remained inside folding her question paper gradually. She slightly turned when she heard Calista and Melody’s voices who said, “Hi, Jennifer”. She didn’t respond to them rather stared at her locker.
“I’m sorry, my parents prevented me from seeing you” Calista began..

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