Episode 8
………temmy entered, she saw us kissing
Me: benita: you’ve apologies for what you did, right? So, go and sin no more..
Benita: wow, thanks
Me: you’re welcome
(she went out, I turned to temmy, I saw tears dropping from her eyes)
Me: temmy, what’s wrong?
(she stood up, hissed, then she left me battling with my thoughts, what the f–k….)
(I paid.my excursion fee, I went to corper zainab’s office)
Me: morning ma
Corper zainab: morning tolu, how was your night?
Me: great, and yours?
Corper zainab: same
Me: okay
(we chat for some minutes)
Me: am going back to my class
Corper zainab: okay, are you coming back?
Me: I don’t know yet
Corper zainab: today is friday, don’t forget tomorrow’s visit
Me: I won’t
Corper zainab: which time should I be expecting you?
Me: 10:00am
Okay, I will be expecting you
(she gave me description to her house, back to my class, temmy started avoiding me, but she never saw benita with me again, we closed earlier than the normal time since its friday.
I got home, the house is d–n quiet and empty, then I remembered I am the only person left in a whole mansion. I got to my room, dropped my bag, then I took a quick shower, went to the kitchen, I cooked, ate, I played game on my play station, I did my physics assignment, slept off.
Saturday morning, I did some cleaning, laundry and I took my bath, got dressed, I board a taxi to corper zainab’s lodge, with the help of the description she gave me, I knock at the door)
Corper zainab: who’s that?
Me: it’s me tolu
Corper zainab: oh, you are here, am coming…
(she opened the door for me, she was wearing a very transparent top and a bump short, gosh…. my d–k resurrect immediately, chai… she’s so sexy..)
She saw my d–k trying to free itself, she smiled…….

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