(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 3
Melody watched silently as Calista spoke to Jennifer with all sincerity. But she quickly turned to someone who tapped her on the shoulder gently. It was Edwin.
“Hi, Melody” he said.
“Hey, Edwin” Melody replied and concentrated on Jennifer and Calista again. Edwin noticed she didn’t want to give him attention so he walked outside. Just at the door he turned and caught her staring at him but she pretended never to look at him.
“Jennifer” Calista Continued. “You should be the one apologizing to me so why behaving as if i am the one who offended you?”
“Just go away, okay? I deserve to be alone” Jennifer responded without looking at her.
“No dear, we are still your friends” Melody insisted walking towards the other side of the locker. “Listen, we all make mistakes, so lets call yours as one of the mistakes people make. You are not alone, okay?” she added but Jennifer remained quiet.
“Jennifer, you need to apologize to Wisdom” Calista suggested but she disdained her. “I have discovered that you can’t get what does not belong to you”
“And what do you mean by that?”
“I’m talking about Wisdom”
“Please, just go away” Jennifer concluded.
Calista and Melody looked at each other and went out. They could see Chester and Esther sitting on a fallen dried wood in a way Esther was on his thighs.
“Hmm, Mr and Mrs Chester, I’m hailing you oh!” Calista shouted and they laughed. Melody sighted Wisdom and Edwin under a fruit tree giggling then she tapped Calista.
“Oh girl, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
“Is that not Wisdom and..”
“Yes, does Wisdom know him?”
“I have no idea” they departed to their own way.
There was no sunlight under the tree. Wisdom and Edwin looked as if they had known each other for years even Chester wondered how they became so close like that.
“I am also a senior prefect in my school” Edwin said.
“Really?!” Wisdom exclaimed surprisingly.
“Yes, and it’s not easy at all to take over the responsibility”
“Yeah, it isn’t easy”
They remained quiet for a while. Wisdom could see him staring at Melody and Calista.
“Do you know them?” he asked.
“They are Calista and Melody” Edwin replied.
“Wow, where did you get to know them?”
“Here in the school. I don’t know why she doesn’t want to give me her attention”
“Who are you talking about?”
“The black one, Melody”
“It seems like you are admiring her. Listen, before you fall inlove with any of my students you have to pay ‘Love fee'” Wisdom jokingly said and they laughed.
“That won’t be a problem, i will pay both love fee and relationship fee. Or do you also need the marriage fee?”
“No, that one goes to her parents” Wisdom replied and they laughed again. Wisdom was really happy to have another friend who was just like him in all things.
“Who was that girl that walked inside the hall last?” Edwin asked.
“You mean Jennifer?”
“Is that her name?”
“Yeah, she’s.. she’s also my friend”
“But everybody looks at her as if she’s an outcast”
“Not really, she was expelled from school for committing.. for doing something bad”
“Like what?”
“I don’t think you need to know, bro”
Edwin stared at him with smiles on his face trying to get the answer from there but couldn’t. Wisdom noticed that he looked more inquisitive but didn’t mind.
“Can i talk to her?” Edwin requested.
“Yes, sure, but be careful”
“You sound as if she’s dangerous”
Wisdom smiled and kept quiet watching him move inside the hall. Even Melody saw him entering but didn’t show much interest.
Jennifer was still on her seat going through the questions once more when Edwin entered and stood before her then she glanced at him with no enthusiasm.
“Can we talk?” Edwin asked, yet she didn’t say a word. He grabbed a chair, sat opposite her and placed his hands on the locker.
“My name is Edwin Goodness. I can see you are troubled. From what i gathered, you were expelled for a reason i don’t know and i don’t care to know. My teacher once told me that, apology can solve 95% of problems, so no matter what you have done or how angry your friends are at you, only your apology can make things better, okay?”
Jennifer stared at him as he spoke with intellectual abilities but didn’t say a words
Melody and Calista were with Wisdom while Esther couldn’t leave Chester’s thighs glowing with smiles.
“I hope you found the exam simple” Chester broke the silence.
“Of course, it was as simple as ABC”
“That’s the magic of being studious”
“Yes” they smiled.
Just then they sighted Mr Anuma coming and Esther stood up from his thighs immediately not knowing that he had seen her already.
“Godwin!” Mr Anuma called from a distance.
“Yes, sir!” Esther replied.
“You are not imperceptible so don’t think I’m not seeing you”
“I’m sorry sir!”
“Good! Now everybody should go into the hall for the second paper!”
“Yes sir”
Students began to troop inside the hall and when Melody saw Edwin sitting with Jennifer, she began slightly jealous..

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